Wonderful Vannes!

Ok so on a cool damp rainy and gray day lol!! Welcome to Brittany in the Fall and wait for Winter. The streets are all for us locals and the places we love are open so much conversations and same old service. I was in Vannes today, you know, I told you, this is our capital city of the dept 56 Morbihan.

Rather than tell you all the wonderful things to do and see here as if this could be my 20th post on Vannes me think, not counted but so much said. You must come here! The French come here, 3rd most visited region and the most visited department. Then, some other Europeans come like the British ,and Germans especially. My American friends have come and love it and today heard there was one from Michigan walking around town lol! Need to get out of Pariis…And see my beautiful Morbihan! And wonderful Vannes!!!

Ok so here are the pictures of today, just showing off ok…. ::)


From above the Garenne park over the ramparts and Cathedral St Pierre


Above the old castle ruins looking over the ramparts garden with tour Connetable and the Cathedral St Pierre


The lavoirs in the ramparts laundry of old now events expo


Ground level over the Tour du Connétable , garden in ramparts far Tour Poudriére ,and Cathedral St Pierre


Place des Lices and all open for me!! no crowds

Of course , we did some shopping oe oe oe, yes the season to be merrier and we shop!! La Belle Iloise for delicious goodies from the sea and Nicolas for those wonderful nectar of the gods wines.


Place du poids public and Nicolas, the store on the left reddish!


On the Place du Poids Public, La Belle Iloise store! corner with Pl des LIces.

And there you go wonderful views of my belle Vannes and Morbihan!!! Enjoy them as we do. Here are some wonderful webpages to help you plan your trip here or ask me ::)

City of Vannes tourist office in English

Tourist office of Morbihan 56 in English

Tourist office of the Gulf of Morbihan in English

Tourist office of Brittany on Vannes in English

Now the stores are superb, and the two above are awesome. We do buy there exclusively mind you.

The Nicolas store is this one: Nicolas at Vannes

The La Belle Iloise store is this one: La Belle Iloise at pl du poids public Vannes

So you , are you ready? Looking forward to seeing you around in beautiful Vannes. Enjoy the photos, new ones.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Enjoyed the post, thanks. I lived near Vannes more than 15 years ago; it’s a delightful town.

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