The Casino at Dinard!

So here we go for a little game, granted not a real player myself for several years now; but I remember then in AC NJ where i was almost every weekend! Those were the days of youth and big spender. I try to be away from them, but curiosity and architecture always brings me back to them even in Europe.

I have been by the Casino Barriére of Dinard and would like to tall you a bit about it. It could be fun, besides great hotel and wonderful restaurant inside too! Maybe the season perfect to try it.

The Casino Barrière Dinard offers 5 reception rooms for the family and professional events. 4 of these rooms have a breathtaking view of Dinard beach. A hall of 130 slot machines and traditional games is open all year, and many shows and events are organized. The restaurant l’Appel du Large open to individuals and groups, welcomes you all year round facing the sea.


The Casino Barriére Dinard is located on the plage de l’Ecluse,(beach) with rectangular massive plan. The facade on rue du President Wilson has a pedimented central entrance. Lateral lower wings , crowned with a balustrade. Glazed arcades are used as shop windows. The facade facing the sea is done in raw concrete, punctuated by a structure with vertical poles.


A bit of history I like

The first known casino project is dated 1865. This project, presumably too ambitious for the nascent station, was not executed. The first casino of 1866 was made of wood; it is very likely that it is nevertheless the work that builds in a more certain way the second establishment in 1877. This new casino of greater dimensions was raised on two levels. The ground floor housed a party room, a theater arranged and decorated and large living rooms; in the basement level floor with the terrace were arranged hot baths of sea water and fresh water with bath cabins as well as laundry, kitchens and stables. In 1884, an authorization was granted to build a retaining wall for the central part on which a rotunda was raised. Major works were reported in 1906 with the demolition beginning with the theater. The new building, the High-Life Casino, with a massive plan,was covered by a skylight, still in place. Work continues in 1911 on the side wings. The facade on the sea is rebuilt again in 1966: the casino then becomes the Palais d’Emeraude or Emerald Palace.

A wonderful experience by the wonderful beach and great architecture rich town of Dinard. Here are some webpages to help you plan your trip here

City of Dinard on the Casino

Tourist office of Dinard and Emerald coast on the Casino

Official Casino Barriere on casino at Dinard

There you go enjoy the leisure trip, again the town of Dinard is worth the detour and the casino on the beach with a great resto view of the sea is tops. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!


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