Vannes a culinary escapee!!

Ok so after a swing in the Paris area, and visiting new and old places, well back to my tranquil surrounding of my lovely Morbihan dept 56 of Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh . I am convince now after so many years that big cities are nice to visit and small cities are nice to live lol!

I had my opportunities over the years to live in the world’s best cities in or next to them including Paris but been back here is like a peaceful remainder life can be simpler and better. I am back in my small town and going out for treats in my capital city of Vannes.

We have been here before, with family and collegues and I decided to take my Dad and go here again, talking about Le Tarmac restaurant, bar, brewery, etc by the canal in Le Port of Vannes.


They are on the left bank or rive gauche of the canal at 25 Rue Ferdinand le Dressay no webpage but tel no +33 (0) 2 97 47 58 27. They open from 11h to 1h serving lunch, dinner, coffees and drinks. Of course, they do have a Facebook page:  Facebook page of Le Tarmac of Vannes


Very friendly and delicious tapas and beers like the Le Tarmac house brand! Also, upstairs is very cosy and romantic with views over the boats in the canal marina. This time we went to the back next to the inner terrace and the plane propeller! comes with the name tarmac = Taxiway and parking planes in an airport.. ok



This time we had pizzas pilote ( goat cheese bacon , oregano, tomato and honey), fish and chips, steak and fries with salads, hot dogs with beef and cheese, plenty of beer cañas or small glasses and expresso coffee all for under 19€!! La vie est belle in the countryside of my lovely Morbihan!!!


SO I am back in town, be aware or be square lol! and may the season be merrier and happier for all of you dear readers. Merry Christmas , Joyeüx Noêl , Feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal!!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. To you too un Joyeüx Noêl… Merci.

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