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December 10, 2019

Fairytale Chantilly!!!

Indeed one of favorite castles in France, and friends of the castle as well. WE love it, and been coming here since 1990 and then almost every year! This is Chantilly , a lot more than the cream lol! I have written before as most common in my belle France, last back on March 19 2019! You got it is a beautiful property indeed.

I have done a lot history before as I like it, but let me tell you a bit more with new photos ok. And thanks for reading my posts/blog!!! Chantilly is in the département 60 of the Oise, in the region of Hauts-de-France at the center of the forest of Chantilly, in the valley of the Nonette. Historically, it is part of the old region of Valois. Chantilly is located about 38 km north of Paris.


It is formally known as the Domaine de Chantilly built slowly since the Middle Ages by different owners such as Anne de Montmorency, and the Bourbon Condé such as the Grand Condé cousin of Louis XIV and Henri d’Orléans, duke of Aumale before by will given for custody to the Institut de France as long as is kept without changes and open to the public. Awesome gesture! Anne de Montmorency was constable of France  under king François I . It passes to the Condé who ask André le Nôtre the great gardener of France to do the gardens with permission from Louis XIV at the same time as was doing Versailles! Finally, it was the Duke of Aumale the last Condé and fifth child of Louis-Philippe last French king who re built the castle from the ruins of the French revolution.



The Domaine de Chantilly, has a grandiose entrance coming from parking P1 is a great view. There is wrough iron grill door where you pay your admission, combine 17€ plus 5€ for the parking.  You then see in front of you the equestrian statue of Anne de Montmorency and to the left the Castle. Further left of the castle back you have the English garden from the 19C, here you have the Île d’Amour or love island the pont des Grands Hommes (bridge of notable men) ,the temple of Venus, and further towards the stables you have the Jeu de Paume for temporary expositions and the Fontaines de Beauvais. Straight back down the monumental stairs and the water fountain, you have the garden of Le Nôtre from the 17C with an unique system of water irrigation still going strong today. To the right as you come up to the equestrian statue of Montmorency you see the Petit Parc or small park with below it the Maison de Sylvie from the 17-18C. There are enclosure of kangaroos, and honey combs . Across the canal separating the petit parc you have the Anglo-Chinese garden of the 18C with the Hameau now a dining experience, and Children playground. Way back if you walk you will see the Grande Cascade or big waterfall. Again a wonderful place to be !

Tragic events here are by François Vatel (who claims the cream of Chantilly), howver, he was the organiser of the 3 days of feast to celebrate the accords between the Grand Condé and the cousin of this king Louis XIV in 1671. The Holy Friday day of the feast and last day of it, the order of fish never arrives, touch by this incident he takes his own life upon the arrival of the invitées.

Again, Louis IV Henri de Bourbon-Condé with heir to his fortune after the execution of his son the duke of Enghien in 1804 by Napoléon Ier bequest his properties in 1830 to his nephew and godson of Henri d’Orléans, Duke of Aumale, fifth child of king of the French Louis-Philippe.

The castle interiors are done with the Grands Appartement (big apartments) of the Princes of Condé, and place of living in the 17C and 18C, galeries de peintures, cabinet d’arts graphiques, cabinet des livres, and private apartments of the duke of Aumale. There is a museum with the collection of the duke of Aumale that after spending 23 years in exile in England amazes a huge collection of works of arts , upon returning to France he creates the Musée Condé and today is considered the first French museum of old paintings meaning before 1850 after the Louvre. To note, the Louvre is a collection of State and items taken from other private castles in France, including Versailles. The Chantilly museum is all private ownership of the Duke of Aumale.

There is also , a huge library that was the biggest of its time with almost 9000 works including 1500 manuscripts; you can see the huge piece of the Les Trés Riche Heures du duc de Berry in facsimile format.

In all a splendid castle very nicely done and kept with lots of architecture and history nuisance too big for a blog post. I enjoy the Domaine de Chantilly and hopefully you will do too once visited.

The main webpage of the property is at Official Domaine de Chantilly in English

Tourist office of Chantilly on the Domaine: Official tourist office of Chantilly on the Domaine in English

The tourist office of the Oise dept 60 in French: TOurist office of dept 60, the Oise on Chantilly


There you go folks another wonder of my belle France waiting to be visited and now during Christmas time it is completely decorated for it! Enjoy Chantilly as we do

And remember, happy travels,good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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