Again St Eustache Church, Paris of course!

And here I am again getting down on old walking path and familiar monuments again. Paris is awesome and exhuberating to visit even from a local point of view and I have millions of visitors to agree. Paris is a moveable feast! Paris est un fête!!!

Well on a more serene visit I came back to the Church of St Eustache, such a nice building in a nice vibrant area amazing to be there. It has been there before long ago. I wrote a bit on its history before in my blog. This is a follow up with new photos!



Briefly as not to repeat myself , in the 13C there was a chapel dedicated to Saint Agnes. Became with the use, Saint-Eustache. Too small, it is replaced in the 16C by a vast building of one hundred meters long, flamboyant Gothic style. Architectural plans and principles follow those of Notre-Dame de Paris. The first stone was laid in 1532, but the church was not really finished until 1640. The Church of Saint Eustache contains a large number of 19C murals and some magnificent works of art such as paintings and sculptures, like the statue of the Virgin and Child of Pigalle, one of the most beautiful of Paris.

The visitor entering the Church of St Eustache is immediately seized by the height of the vaults at 33 meters, and the imposing vertical masses that permeate the entire church. The Flamboyant Gothic finds itself at the level of the vaults of warheads, embellished with liernes, tiercerons and ubiquitous pendulous keys. The Renaissance style is expressed in the juxtaposition of the ancient orders, the pillars which are flanked by pilasters, the semicircular arches and, of course, in the abundant decoration on the capitals see the seraphs, baskets of flowers, etc.



The Church of Saint-Eustache has a very large glass roof on three levels of elevation. The church is so high that the first level of the elevation is itself divided into two sub-levels, materialized by a double row of stained glass windows. Few stained glass windows are historiated or with floral motifs. Most are in white glass. If you add the large double door of the south cross, still open to illuminate the transept , Saint-Eustache is a very bright church. As the choir is in the east and there is no building in the south, the sun, in good weather, radiates all the nave of its rays during the whole day.


Colbert was the church warden of the Saint-Eustache Church. His mausoleum is considered a major work in the statuary of the 17C. The artist used bronze and white and black marble. Colbert, seized in the attitude of a praying man, is dressed in his cloak of commander of the order of the Holy Spirit. To the left of the sarcophagus, Fidelity, chiseled in ; on the right, Piety or Abundance .


The organs of Saint-Eustache Church are among the largest in France. Dated at Ducroquet in 1854, they were restored by the Dutch Van Den Heuvel in 1989. The wood carving of the buffet on a Victor Baltard carton is pure splendor. The beauty of the characters and the rose in the background create a scenic enchantment to be enjoyed with a pair of binoculars. And very popular musicals in Paris indeed.


Something i like to give you is some webpages to help you plan and handy. The official parish of St Eustache is here in French: Official Parish of St Eustache Church

The Paris tourist office on St Eustache Church in English: Tourist office of Paris on St Eustache Church

And as many buildings are undergoing renovations in France,and many in Paris this did not escape St Eustache Church; it was done in 2018. You can read in French at the city of Paris webpage here: City of Paris on renovations in St Eustache Church

There you go another jewel in my eternal Paris, the most beautiful city in the world! And in my belle France indeed, welcome to us. The St Eustache Church is one dandy you should not miss coming here, its one of my favorites over the years.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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