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December 6, 2019

The Halles of Paris !!!

And so I continue on my month long tour of Paris , granted out on weekends! It was a time to see old favorites and see their transformation. I did came to Paris every month but on business trips which is not the same as you can understand. Now I had the weekend all to myself and was great to see and be seen with old friends and old places of my favorites. Paris is indeed a movable feast!!

I have written so much in my blog on it that is hard to find new places, I am sure they are but I keep coming back to old reliable and fame for nostalgia and souvenirs of family time. I came back to the Halles not really into the stores but the ambiance outside. It has improved but…a bit more on it. Last time wrote about in my blog was from December 3 2018.


The Halles were called the belly of Paris ,the hole of the Halles , and now the Canopy! The Halles have known over time many names and faces. les Halles, which inspired the novel by Emile Zola Ventre de Paris or belly of Paris. The Canopée or canopy is formed of 18,000 glass scales open last April 2016. The roof of 18,000 glass scales covers, in addition to shops, new public facilities such as a conservatory, a media library and a cultural center, dedicated to artistic practice.


In 1969, the Halles, considered too cramped and cumbersome by their location in the heart of Paris, moved to Rungis, in the southern suburbs. From 1971, the pavilions are destroyed: only one escapes the destruction, the Baltard pavilion, reassembled in Nogent-sur-Marne. Instead of market halls will be born in the early 1980s such as the Forum des Halles, a large underground shopping center embellished by a large green area, the jardin des Halles (Nelson Mandela).


The RER A,B and D train was then inaugurated in 1977, but for years an immense gaping hole occupied the old Champeaux or field, before being transformed into green space such as the beforementioned jardin des Halles (Nelson Mandela) and a shopping center Forum des Halles. Then, today, is the Canopée or Canopy.


A vibrant area that has improved but recommend still see it in daylight as during the night well not so good outside, still. Me think.

See the tourist office of Paris on the neighborhood of HallesHalles neighborhood or quartier on Paris tourist office

And here is the Forum des Halles shopping: Paris tourist office on Forum des Halles

Finally, the garden rename Nelson MandelaParis tourist office on the garden Nelson Mandela

Ok so this is just for the new photos as had another post on the history of the Halles and its reopening as told above. For now enjoy the Halles once again in the heart of Paris!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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