One more time, Conciergerie de Paris!

Here is my continuing journey in my eternal Paris as I am stationed nearby these days lol!! Can’t be too far away from Paris and I need to bring up new pictures which brings great enjoyment to me even if not a pro at it. The fun is what kinds la vie est belle!!

I have written before on many things in Paris and sometimes I must return back to them even if nothing more to tell, the pictures alone are my compensation, and Paris is a huge one indeed. I have written on the Conciérgerie de Paris much on its history on another post.


The building is imposing indeed and even on rainy , lead filled Paris lol! and demonstration by all, there were lines to get in! Power Paris!!!


The wonderful golden clock is fantastic to look at and many were doing just that as I got muscled in to take my picture lol! I am a tourist !!! love it!!! Can’t help it to tell you a bit more!


As you know the Conciérgerie is found on the ïle de la Cité, along the Quai de l’Horloge in Paris. it is the oldest prison in France, very sinister memory moreover! A stroll on the side of this venerable place filled with a thousand memories dating from the Middle Ages is needed, especially when there is more than enough to tell and see.

When you arrive on the banks of the Seine,you are always amazed to see this majestic building, a mix of architectural styles, to be there. The Conciergerie seems relatively quiet, a beauty for the eyes.


The Conciergerie is actually the old Palais de la Cité, which was nothing less than the Palace of the ancient kings of France, the Capetian. The Conciergerie, also encompassing the modern Palace of Justice. The Sainte Chapelle, built by Saint-Louis, was also part of the Palais de la Cité.

There are two towers, the tour d’Argent or silver tower (where the royal treasury was kept) and the tour de Caesar tower (in memory of the Roman foundations on which the tower was built) were built by king Philip IV the Fair and completed in 1313, and they have reached us , intact. Today, you can appreciate the reflections of the illumination of the Conciergerie at night in the Seine river, it is a must to see.

There are no less than 2700 sentenced to death in just two years who will go through the Conciergerie! Marie-Antoinette and Robespierre stayed here, before going to the scaffold, you can also visit the cell of the former Queen of France. The cell was put back in the origina state, with wax figures for the guards, dressed in period, objects, sinister … it changes from the Palace/Museum of Versailles, for sure. It was nice to see a seat in Marie-Antoinette’s cell that was actually used to do her intimate needs !!

In the 19C, the future Napoleon III was also locked up, as well as the anarchists Orsini and Ravachol or Marshal Ney. The prison function will continue until 1914, when it becomes a national monument, and open to the public. A wonder to be seen again and again while in Paris

Just for the record, the tourist office of Paris on the Conciérgerie: The Conciergerie on Paris tourist office in English

Hope you enjoy the post and thanks for reading me , and Paris will reward you again and again, eternal Paris. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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