Marche aux Fleurs, Paris of course!

Ok so here I am back in my eternal Paris, never too far from it but now just around the corner! And on my free time don’t hesitate to come to see it again, never enough of my Paris in my belle France!

The one I am going to tell a bit more is on the flower and birds market at Cité in my Paris. I believe done some reference to it in my previous posts on Paris but never a single post on it and it is deserving and now with photos lol! My dear late wife Martine came here and took me here first , many memories she loves the gardens and gardening. I just carried the bags !


The market is nestled on the Île de la Cité, the Marché aux Fleurs et Oiseaux or flower and bird market ,since 2014 call the Queen Elizabeth II Flower Market, has been an institution since it settled there at the dawn of the 19C. Located at the exit of metro Cité, this picturesque market has kept its charm and authenticity despite the thousands of tourists who flock every day to go to the nearby Notre-Dame Cathedral.  It is located on Place Louis-Lépine. It is surrounded by the quai de la Corse along the Seine river, the building housing the commercial courthouse along the rue Aubé , that of the police headquarters bordered by the rue de Lutèce , and the Hotel-Dieu separated by the rue de la Cité. Most of the flower market is housed in six metal pavilions on both sides of tree-lined avenues. The loop formed by the Allée Célestin-Hennion is the main internal service road. Some of the flower shops are located at the northern end of the market, on the north sidewalk of the quai de la Corse, in dismountable premises next to the stone parapet overlooking the Seine river.

paris marche aux fleurs front nov19

A bit of history I like

In 1808, a vacant lot located between the Quai Desaix (current quai de la Corse) and the Rue de la Pelleterie (now gone ) was transferred to the city to transfer the flower and shrub market that had been established until then. At the quai de la Megisserie. The market is circumscribed by landmarks that separate it from Quai Desaix, rue de la Pelleterie, rue de la Barillerie (boulevard du Palais) and rue de la Lanterne (rue de la Cité since 1834). It is also planted with trees and two basins were established. It was inaugurated on August 16, 1809. In 1840-1843, the administration had the market renovated (rebuilding the two basins, laying granite borders around the market and paving with bitumen, etc.).

The commercial courthouse of Paris was built between 1860 and 1864 on the western part of the market. The rest of rue de la Pelleterie and that of rue de Marché-aux-Fleurs (breakthrough after the demolition of the Saint-Pierre-des-Arcis Church in 1797), as well as rue Gervais-Laurent, rue Saint-Pierre- des-Arcis and rue Sainte-Croix-en-la-Cité were demolished in 1866 to develop a new market. The current market is inaugurated in 1873.

It is composed today of about twenty iron and cast iron shelters and some Wallace fountains, the market offers only flowers. It is in 1881 that the fowlers of the old Marché Saint-Martin join the florists of Île de la Cité. Since then, every Sunday, the flower market gives way to a beautiful bird market, to the delight of Sunday walkers who discover and hear hundreds of birds squealing in their cage.

The other days of the week, the twenty metal constructions erected on the Place Louis-Lépine shelters all kinds of plants, trees and plants. Whether you are looking for seasonal flowers in a greenhouse in the Paris region or rarities reported from around the world, difficult not to find happiness among this varied colorful and scented treasures! Strolling the green alleys of this picturesque market, you can also discover rodents, fish and even decorative objects. The flower market promises a pleasant walk in the heart of Old Paris which, in the absence of clean air, will offer us a good bowl of floral scents !!!


It is located as the Marché aux fleurs Reine Elizabeth II or Queen Elizabeth II Flower Market at Place Louis-Lépine (square) 4éme arrondissement of Paris. Metro: Cité line 4. Open Monday to Saturday from 08h to 19h30 for the flower market, Sunday for the bird market.



It is a wonderful place to be and be a real Parisien indeed. You will find great conversation here and wonderful flowers and planting tools. We love it and brings back many nice souvenirs to stop by again as I did, very much.

Some webpages to help you plan your visit here are

City of Paris on the flower market in French

Tourist office of Paris on the flower market in English

There you go now it is in my blog love it, you will too. The Marché aux Fleurs of my eternal Paris. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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