My spots in Paris, Vendôme ,Opéra,Tuileries, and al!!!!

Again the tour continues taking advantage of my new role by CDG airport, with a car! So Paris here I come again, watch out the road warrior is out there. However, once parked please walk, walk Paris until you drop, its awesome! the best way to see a city in my opinion and that goes for several major medium small cities in our world you name it.

Once parked by the wonderful Indigo underground parking at Place de la Concorde , I set out on foot to see my beautiful Paris. Of course, written on these spots before in my blog ,but this are new pictures and my favorites areas even if by now taken over by the world and they are welcome!  I went out of the jardin des Tuileries into rue de Castiglione one of my old work spots and took a peek at the Westin Vendôme Paris hotel. If you read my posts, you know I worked here in management accounting when it was call the Intercontinental Hotel yes part of that chain and we lovingly called it the L’Inter!




There went past the wonderful Place Vendôme again written on it before so will spare you my love for it, you can tell right? this is classic chic the very best and no need money to indulge yourselves in the best money can buy. Walking along the Avenue de l’Opéra was awesome to see my Opéra Garnier when was at managing the Le Grand Hotel Intercontinental (still with the group IHG) my office window was looking at the left side of the Opéra! This house is beautiful, architecturally stunning in a must to see even if not into the plays of opera is a must I say! I missed some friends not there but saw a couple still there from my times wonderful memories always.



The Obelisk at the center of the Place Vendôme has a wonderful history and still can see the emperor Napoleon on top. There is lots of construction going on all around it but still the obelisk was intact clean beautiful.

paris pl vendome obelisk nov19

The walk over to the Opéra Garnier was sentimental for the above, and seeing next to it my favorite lunch spot the Café de la Paix historical spot where I never pay the bill lol!!! And many of friends have been invited to see the wonderful work inside by Mr Charles Garnier who did the Opéra Garnier as well!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, granted taken with my samsung mobile telephone but heck I am not a photographer I enjoy views and memories deep in my mind! A never ending thrill to be back in Paris and able to walk these spots of so much time and so much cheers spent on them. Again hope you enjoy it. Paris is a movable feast indeed!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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