The great CDG near Paris!

Ok my dear readers I have some time now in my nice looking hotel room overlooking the great CDG in Tremblay en France/Roissy en France dept 93 Seine Saint Denis and 95 Val d’Oise commonly call the main Paris airport…. but not in Paris!!! These pictures are from last week.

I am hook to my blog as a way of pastime and it feels great to be able to write a piece even in the hectic new job start up away from home! I am in Tremblay en France dept 93 of Seine Saint Denis and the region of Ïle de France! near Paris!

roissy en france

roissy en france

So far mostly around my hotel Holiday Inn and the Aeroville shopping center which finally try it and its super and really enjoyed the Big Ben pub there see pics. I have also venture into Paris Nord II shopping center too a huge spread out place.

roissy en france

roissy en france

Very busy with the setup of the new position, getting my computer and still waiting for my cellular/mobile telephone! A nice Europcar rental car and a nice hotel. Of course all these hotels were made to use the public transports really if by car you need a GPS lol!! mine street is not even on it lol!

Anyway tomorrow into Paris and see my old areas, then next weekend Armistice Day monday 11 November  back in the USA Veteran’s Day off and will go home for the 3 days of course by car!!! Then next week more time in my eternal Paris and beginning to meet all friends!

Anyway, the startup has begun beautiful and looking forward to more. I will need to be prepare for a hectic Christmas and a good start in 2020! Looking forward to that day with no more jobs lol!!!

Stay tune be good, thanks for reading me all these years and hopefully many more to share as some already mentioned, thank you! Have a wonderful long weekend for most and remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Ce weekend on était à Ljubljana et on eu un transfer par CDG. Et part pour l’Australie en janvier de CDG.

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