La Turballe, Loire Atlantique!!!

So now in my continuing road warrior trips in my beautiful area of the west of France, and after visiting some new places I came to another one where we had a meal. This is very nice coastal La Turballe.

The town of La Turballe is located in the department of Loire-Atlantique 44, in Pays de la Loire region. It is historically part of Bretagne/Brittany. It is only 7 km from Guérande and 20 km from Saint-Nazaire. The town was created in 1865, but its history dates back to 854. From 1837, the opening of sardine canneries directly in La Turballe boosted fishing activities and led to an increase in population. The port of La Turballe is the first fishing port in the Pays de la Loire, with eighty-one trawlers, and the eighth largest in France. It is the first port of the Atlantic coast for anchovies and sardines, which are usually celebrated in mid-July on the occasion of the sardine festival.!!

La Turballe

Despite health concerns, the Emperor Napoleon III began a second trip to Algeria in 1865, confiding in his absence the regency to his wife Empress Eugénie. It is therefore she who cosigns, on May 17, 1865, with the minister Eugène Rouher, the decree raising La Turballe to the rank of a town.

La Turballe

Some of the wonderful things to see here are

Built in the middle of the 18C, the Moulin or windmill of Kerbroué was one of the banal windmills of the Lordship of Lauvergnac which itself depended on the Barony of Campzillon. Since 1810, date of the first leasing before notary there has been several owners until 1971. It was equipped with an electric crusher installed in the windmill in 1977. Today, it is known under the name of Moulin à Fernand (windmill Fernand), name of the last miller, Fernand Nogues. The town bought it in 2000 and has spent 5 years renovating it to make it operational. The windmill of Kerbroué is located on the road of Saint-Molf, D139 at a place called the Four Routes and can be visited directly to the windmill or to the association “Au Gré des Vents” which manages it tel +33   (0) 2.40 .11.71.31.  More in the area tourist office in French: Tourit office La Baule Guérande on La Tourballe mouliln de Kerbroué

La Turballe

A bit on the Church Notre Dame de Miséricorde. In 1505, Anne de Bretagne (Ann of Brittany) made a gracious gift by offering three crowns in the same pattern of fleurs-de-lis, which for centuries had caped the brides of the countryside. Guérande was endowed with a crown of gold, Saillé of a silver and Trescalan of a gilded copper. The first two disappeared during the French revolution, but that of Trescalan still exists. History tells us that this 15C crown was restored in the 19C. In 1698, the villagers of Trescalan made a petition to build a chapel at the top of the hill; this chapel was erected and dedicated to Notre-Dame de Miséricorde or Our Lady of Mercy. In 1852, the present church was erected on the site of the old chapel. The bell tower has a height of 33 meters from the ground of the Church. At the beginning of the construction, the tower was finished at its upper part by a domed roof. From the platform, one can admire in a complete horizon all the landscape extending from the mouth of the Loire river to that of the Vilaine river, towards the wide and towards the big Brière. For access to this platform, you need to climb 110 steps and after a first landing you will discover the vault of the frame of the Church. Visitable only in season (July and August).

Other things to see here which we will need to return are the Château de Lauvergnac a manor house seen from the road it looks meticously kept. The Chapel Notre-Dame is located at the tip of the Pen-Bron peninsula. It is part of the old marine center of Pen-Bron. From north to south, the beaches of La Turballe bear the following names from Piriac-sur-Mer to the port of La Turballe;  Belmont beach , Port Creux, Ker Elisabeth, Bastille; and the port at the Pointe de Pen Bron (very nice we were there!) Bretons beach, Croix de l’Anse beach, Grande Falaise beach, Pen Bron beach. The pristine Pointe de Pen-Bron is classify a natural area of ecological interest, fauna and flora (ZNIEFF) category 1 under the name Pointe de Pen-Bron, salt marshes and hillsides of Guérande ( about 38+ km2) since 1991 The dunes Pen bron are classified sensitive natural area and integrate the Natura 2000 network with Le Croisic and the salt marshes of Guérande (about 44 km2).

La Turballe

The beach of BretonsPlages tv beach webpage on the Breton beach at La Turballe

The beach at Pen BroPlages tv on pen bro beach at La Turballe

La Turballe

La Turballe

And we had our meal here and just guessing pick this place, as almost always was right on. The La Marie Galante pizzeria restaurant at 24 quai Saint Paul .Facing the fishing port, Pizzas (on the spot or take away), fish and grilled meats. great welcome. Excellent cuisine. Mussels fries, a pizza all nicely serve with a friendly smile a great meal for 4 overlooking the port . A very nice discovery this afternoon. Super menu from A to Z. Super attentive staff, polite and available. We will be returning soon and more often. The tourist office has something on them here: Tourist office La Baule Guérande on La Marie Galante resto

Also, they have a Facebook page here: Facebook page of La Marie Galante

La Turballe

La Turballe

La Turballe

Some additional webpage to help you enjoy this wonderful town by the sea a must while passing by the region.

The pleasure boat port of La Turballe

City of La Turballe on heritage sites

Tourist office La Baule Guérande on things to see at La Turballe

And there you go another jewel about an hour from my house as said so much to see will need a lifetime and maybe not enough, France is a movable feast! For now enjoy La Turballe in the neighboring Loire Atlantique dept 44!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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