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October 26, 2019

The Main Market square of Trier!

Ok so now will swing you back to my Europe and go visit some interesting places. One of our favorite over the years is going to Trier in Germany. It is considered the oldest city there, and it is wonderful. I have several posts on it in my blog but would like to tell you a bit more on the main market square or Hauptmarkt. The comments are new the photos are older from various years.

The Hauptmarkt or Main Market Square is the center of  Trier and has been in this place since the 10C when Archbishop Heinrich I moved the Market Cross from the river to its present site, in 958!. The original of the cross is in the Municipal Museum; the column shaft is a recycled granite column from the Roman Cathedral. The main market square was the Medieval center for trade. Today it is still the main focal point of the city with its beautiful facades which have been lovingly restored, its shops and many cafès. The main urban shopping streets meet here in the square.

In December the Christmas market is also held here and in the square outside the Cathedral. Standing in the market square and looking around one can take in so many wonderful sights, like the market fountain, Petrus-Brunnen, from 1595, shows St Peter who is the patron saint of the city, and the Cathedral, he is surrounded by the four cardinal virtues of Justice, Temperence, Prudence and Fortitude, as female figures around the central pillar of the fountain and as a contrast to them, small monkeys (Vices). In between the virtue figures are cherubs and animals such as geese, lions, dolphins and eagles. There is also a coat of arms and various decorative elements. In 1982-83 the fountain was extensively renovated, and in 2004 it received a new paint job. Every year at the beginning of the Old Town Festival the figure of St. Peter is presented with a bunch of flowers to ensure good weather for the holidays.



Just off the Hauptmarkt is the market Church of St Gangolf which is, after the Cathedral, the oldest church in Trier. The first church was built in 958 but was later replaced by a new building in 1284-1344. The present day late- Gothic church has emerged from a renovation started in 1500. Baroque elements were added in 1731 and 1746.

There is a short walk along Sternstrasse which takes you from the Hauptmarkt into the square in front of the Cathedral, the Domplatz. The atmosphere as you walk through the market square is friendly and lively, alongside all the ornate buildings of Trier  ,and modern shops and cafes and all blend so well together. Trier is a city but here in the pedestrian heart there is a cosy and welcoming feel to the place. A great city to visit and explore for sure!


Of course, the Hauptmarkt is gorgeous with many fountains and statues of great architecture beauty. Here you can see the market of Trier, our favorite too, The city of Trier on the market :


The tourist office has something on the Main Market Square here: Tourist office of Trier on the Main Market square

There you go , stop by ,shop ,have a glass of wine and marvel at the beautiful architecture and history all around you in the Hauptmarkt of Trier.

And remember,happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!

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