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October 25, 2019

Paris, Latino sound, it’s hot!!!!

So let me tell you about another facet of mine, that is dancing and many types even if most love is Salsa. And even if less so today, I am an avid dance club fan and continue even while in Paris. I had written on it in my blog but need to do a complete update as some come and goes, you know ,yes even in Paris!

Therefore these are my favorites places in Paris for the Latin sound Latino as in the old language by which we all descend with lots of mixes of course lol!

The Barrio Latino, one of the classic for years and love it. Nestled in an impressive historic building of the 19C by Gustave Eiffel, has closed its doors to give way to Pachamama (which not try yet). Behind this establishment of 3000 m², you discover a haunting and mesmerizing scenery inspired by the regions of South America. And the trip starts from the ground floor with the Ballroom, characterized by the Latin touch of the bar and its long counter in pieces of clay. On the first floor La Cantina. To put your eyes on it, the restaurant offers a bird’s eye view of the dancefloor while a secret dining room is decorated with pieces from various locations. A beautiful patio surrounded by a spectacular green wall. Carved with boards recovered from old Brazilian cattle cars, lit by lamps diverted from ancient rides and temples to Madonnas, the Patio is the perfect place to land while sipping a drink. on the 2nd floor, to discover a magnificent bar with engravings and frescoes with flowers, bartenders in uniform as well as cocktails with tequila and other magic potions to chill until late, all with tapas Finally, on the 3rd and last floor, the Pachamama unveils its Downtown smoking room, where the Chesterfield sofas and the big American billiard will welcome guests with pleasure. As for music, trust the group of founding DJs of the Favela Chic  historic chain!  Le Pachamama 46/48 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 12éme. More info here :

Favela Chic 18, rue du Faubourg du Temple 11éme. This is Brazilian and more at its best for the dance and drinks and ambiance if the menu are a bit over price. The first part of the evening is devoted to live concerts, from midnight, you  go up to the tables where you dined to dance until the end of the night. Alcohol flows and everyone wriggles on hip-hop and funk music, but also electro-tropical and Afrobeat, until 04h on weekends. More here :

Paris Flamenco – Isabel Aguirre at 9 Rue de Montenotte, 17éme. Isabel is a pedagogue, warm, passionate, she does not count her time and knows how to transmit her passion. So it is felt in the atmosphere of the courses as in the progress of the dancers. More info at

Small club very popular of Latinos in Paris, the Peña Saint-Germain Located in a small alley in Saint-Germain, the club hosts in its basement spread over three floors lovers of salsa, bachata or cumbia. If you came to speak Spanish, you are in the right place: Colombians, Cubans and Brazilians meet regularly. Avoid even pointing too late because the room is small and quickly crowded. La Peña Saint-Germain 3, passage of the Petite-Boucherie 6éme Metro Saint-Germain .Open Wednesday to Saturday from 23h to 06h. More info here:  webpage now under construction/renovation need check if still open:

La Pachanga  is the rendez-vous of the better dancers. If you’re looking for a nice place to dance salsa at any price while sipping some delicious cocktails, I recommend you to go for a walk here. Pachanga organizes salsa lessons on weekdays from 19h to 21h!  La Pachanga,  8, rue Vandamme 14éme. Metro Gaîté or Montparnasse. Open Monday to Thursday from 19h  to 02h, Fridays and Saturdays from 19h to O5h and Sundays from  18h30  to 02h. More info here :

You can try here with Cuban salsa, Argentine tango, rumba or cha-cha-cha. The good plan for the weekend is that you can enjoy Latin dance lessons before the track is stormed by the clubbers. The average age is certainly quite high but if you are looking for a place to dance, I really advise you to go for a ride. The Retro Dancing 23, rue du Faubourg-du-Temple, 10éme Metro République .Open on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 14h to 20h, Friday and Saturday from 14h to 03h . More info here :

To dance Tango with beginners and up go to the Casa del Tango 11, allée Darius-Milhaud, 19éme with plenty of Tango classes and performances more here:

The nights of  hot Latin dance music at the Romeo Club 71, boulevard Saint-Germain 6éme More info here

For Rum and Cigars go to Cubana Cafe  47, rue Vavin  6éme near Montparnasse train station. More info here:

One of the best is the Cuba Compagnie a restaurant and bar à tapas located  at 48 Blvd Beaumarchaise in the 11éme steps from the place de la Bastille.  This place has three rooms in which you can move freely. The bar room is rather festive. This space is perfect for a drink or a few tapas on the sounds of Janoy. The Havana room large dining room, can accommodate groups. Not far from the bar, it remains completely immersed in the Cuban atmosphere. The Cuban lounge upstairs is more cozy, always in a Latin atmosphere, the music is however a little less strong than elsewhere, to give free rein to discussions around a quieter meal with friends, family or in a relationship.  The terrace also heated in winter and extends in summer, you will enjoy the sun and you can enjoy delicious cocktails. More info in English here: Cuba Compagnie in English

Some other favorites places to eat with good Latino ambiance are

For a Colombian restaurant Juanchito at 69 rue Folie Regnault 11éme more here:

The Peruvian gastronomy is tops at El Picador , 9, rue Lacépède 5éme, restaurant , take home and grocery store on Peru in Paris. More here:

While the best  Argentine beef  is had at Anahi, 49, rue Volta,3éme more here:

To taste ragout of shrimps with coconut milk there.. For cocktails and tacos with Mexican traditions go to the Taqueria Candelaria ,52, rue de Saintonge,75003.  For more info here:

And one of my favorite hangouts for a drink after work was La Perla, 26 Rue François Miron 4éme just behind the Hôtel de Ville of Paris.  More info: La Perla Paris

My favorites Spanish restaurants in Paris are

The Bodega Cambronne.  Add a layer, come and revive the Spanish music to your ears with concerts organized at the Bodega Cambronne every weekend. You can,  also eat very well. The Bodega Cambronne is at 37, rue Cambronne 15éme.  More info here:

Bellota Bellota 64 Rue de Seine, 6éme More info :

Casa Pepe, 5, rue Mouffetard  5éme. More info :

Casa Paco, 13 rue de Bassano 16éme lovely nice souvenirs here. More info :

For a cultural extravaganza do come to the Latin American House or the Maison de l’Amérique Latine. The best one location to see it all music arts expositions located at  217, bd Saint-Germain 7éme. Webpage in English here:

To listen to Latin music while walking or in public transports or driving in Paris the only radio station is Latina. A selection from local Latin music radio station LATINA 99.00 FM at 167 Rue du Chevaleret, 13éme. Music is from Latin America but the DJ hosts and commercials are in French. More info at

Donc voilà , it is not a complete list of course, these are those that I have frequented and like over the years and still I believe still open. I will be by Paris next month again and more often thereafter !! Hope it helps find your Latin gem in eternal Paris

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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