Grand Thêatre de Tours!

Ok so I have been to some theaters usually in Paris (where I used to worked) or in Vannes (where I now work) but very little into the details of the performance. My main interest on them is the architecture and history of these buildings which are of the story of France in most cases.

The city of Tours is a wonderful place to be with plenty to see and do, and we have been there of course. One of the building monument that took our eye fancy was the Grand Theater of Tours or the Grand Thêatre de Tours. Let me tell  you a bit more on it ok

In our street walks of Tours, always good to walk in towns here, we took a detour into the rue de la Scellerie with ambiance the district of the antiques shops, book shops, and china porcelain , to the right you see the flamboyant façade of the Grand Théatre!

The Grand Théâtre of Tours is a 913-seat auditorium, it is home to the Opéra de Tours, which has a permanent choir and is also home to the Centre-Val de Loire-Region Symphony Orchestra.


The Grand Théâtre de Tours is built on the old church of Cordeliers. As early as 1796, this church was converted into a 800-seat theater by a private individual, the citizen Bûcheron. In 1867, the hall was bought by the city of Tours, which was demolished and replaced by a new ensemble inspired by the Opera Garnier de Paris The inauguration took place on August 8, 1872.


In 1883, a fire destroys a large part of the building with only the facade and the four walls remaining This second and current theater is finally inaugurated in 1889. The Grand Theater of Tours is a theater in the Italian style. Decor representing a theater scene in the Middle Ages, the Cardinal du Bellay introducing François Rabelais to François I and the Glories of Touraine.


Hope you enjoy the architecture of it and why not come to see a play here, the area is quant pretty and old world looking very romantic I must say. Enjoy the Grand Théâtre de Tours!

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Official Opera of Tours on the Grand Theater history

City of Tours on the Grand Theatre info

And remember, happy travels , good health , and many cheers to all!!!



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