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October 14, 2019

Souvenirs of Versailles!

So let me give you now a special shopping experience in my beloved Versailles. You know the story of me and Versailles by reading my blog so will go to the post right away.

There is a wonderful souvenir shop right across from the RER C train station that is very popular with locals and especially visitors grabbing that last souvenirs before embarking on the RER C train back to Paris. I am putting this here to let you know and also for my memories.

This is the place of my oldest son first job in France!  The owner or manager at the time hails from Valencia, Spain! and we made a pleasant friendly relationship for a long time. My son really used his three languages here to talk with the world and we were by to take a peek at him working and buying some postcards and porcelain lamps. The place is the Presse Librairie des Manèges  Souvenir Shop at  2 avenue du General de Gaulle.  It has a wide range of souvenirs from Versailles and Paris, illustrated guides, postcards, t-shirts,  all Made in France products !


The official webpage: Official Souvenirs de Paris in Versailles

Tourist office of Versailles on the press librarie des menages


There are just around it many shops such as a McDonalds, KFC , Ibis hotel, Le karaoke bar ,Chez César pizzeria,Class’Croute sandwiches, Jeff de Bruges chocolates, NatureHouse, Sports House, the Phébus bus network office , Games Workshop, etc.

It is located just a stone’s throw from Versailles Château Rive-Gauche train station, opposite, this new renovated square or Place des Manèges . The building of the Manéges (or merry go around)  was a former military building under Napoleon III.  It now proposes a new landscaped area and a new perspective on the Porte de la Maréchalerie (contemporary art center located in the forge of the petite ecurie, go in the parvis and look back) . The square known as Place des Ménages, located in the  Avenue du General de Gaulle between the city/ town hall and the Château.  There is a renovation as well to the stairs leading to the Maréchalerie  and the high sidewalk.


Some history I like as always architecture and history is all around us in France and Versailles  as the cradle of the French Republic (France).

The Avenue du  Général de Gaulle provides access to the Rive Gauche Château  RER C station and the bus station, between the first city/ town hall and the district of the Manèges. It was the old rue de Berry since 1829, then of the rue de l’hötel de ville and rue Thiers until 1979. The name of the general Charles de Gaulle  credited with liberating occupied France and president of the French Republic (France) from 1959 to 1969.

Some interesting buildings here I like are at No 1 First Hôtel de Ville or city/town hall of Versailles. Former hotel of Marie-Anne de Bourbon, princess of Conti, daughter of king Louis XIV, then of the Grand Masters of the Royal House under king Louis XV and then the  mayor’s office of Versailles since 1791. At No  5: Gare Versailles-Château-Rive Gauche RER C . Inaugurated in 1840, the train station, restored in 2014, changed its name in February 2012 from been simply the rive gauche. It is the terminus of line C of the RER.  Opposite, in an old music pavilion, the regional bus station.  At No 6 a monumental porch vestige of the entrance of the former cavalry barracks and rides destroyed in 1988 to make way for the mall Les Ménages.

There you go another nice memory lane building in my always beloved Versailles. Hope you enjoy it and do come to shop , very friendly folks work there even today!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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