A bit of beers and lots of Wines of France!

So back to you with another of my beloved subject posts. Well a basic kind of guy on beer and wines will do. According to the place, food , and occasion. Let me tell you a bit more about it ok. My simple title A bit of beers and lots of Wines of France!

Wine is in any case a subject that interests the French! Yes!!! The level of knowledge of our countrymen increases year by year. Thus, according to the barometer SOWINE / DYNATA, and for the first time in ten years, the share of the French declaring themselves neophytes passes below 50% while the share of the French declaring themselves amateurs progresses and reaches 46%.  Who says because French you should know about wines! This trend is even more marked among young people, who clearly want to learn about the subject and consult more websites and social networks than their elders to find out more. 70% of our countrymen think it is important to be inform before buying wine or spirits, with as a privileged source the entourage or family for 53% of them. The recommendation of family or friends takes precedence in front of the council of professionals 42%. Yes we get a lot exchanges with the family on wines and properties. More in French here: Sowine Dynata on wine in France

More on the saga of Bordeaux wines !! At the Chateaux Grand Launay and Haut Lorettes in the south-west of France, pruning shears and machines are running at full speed for the harvesting of the reds. Most are reporting will make a great vintage, thanks to a very hot summer. We are, in France, one of the regions that has evolved the most technical and environmental in the last ten years, and the range of 5-15 euros, Bordeaux is unbeatable in quality . But we have no clear message ! vis-à-vis the consumer, lamenting the image hyper traditional Bordeaux. Indeed there are lots of properties in Bordeaux little known or hard to know that produces top wines at affordable prices!

In Bordeaux, spared this summer by diseases, winemakers take the time to harvest to obtain a perfect maturity. Recent rains have made it possible to develop the noble rot, which is essential for the sweet wines whose harvest should start next week mid October in Sauternes. They could also increase yields. Over the whole of Bordeaux, inter profession expects a return in the decennial average of 5.1 million hectoliters. The rain would also dilute sugars and acids, very concentrated in the berries this year and source of high alcoholic degrees, as for whites whose harvest ends with average or even low yields. In contrast, other winemakers do not know where to put the new crop, their cellars are still full as the sales of Bordeaux are at half-mast with extremely low prices for bulk. The image of a cru bourgeois wine, which discourages some consumers over the issue of rating and classification confusion remedy this coming 2020, but also the disaffection of China who turns to Australia and Chile, countries with which it has made customs agreements: the winegrower draws a state of affairs that is very serious. Those who do get away are the great wines and small innovative owners. It will be ok by next year ruling changes see my previous post on wines.  Source. Le Figaro

Now I am not a cyclist practionner but this innovation should do a lot of good and I might even try it. 143 km of cycle route in the vineyards of Alsace!. This is the proposal of the region of north-east of France to cross its typical landscapes and the many vineyards that are on this long way, between Marlenheim and Thann. This road labeled “vineyards and discoveries” is drawn in parallel with the Wine Route of Alsace.

At the Saint-Pierre brewery, between Obernai and Barr, visitors can participate in brewing workshops based on hops from the region, pure malts barley, water St. Peter and explore the taste of many craft beers. In addition to the five breweries Fischer, Heineken, Karlsbrau, Kronenbourg, and Meteor, which produce half of the national beer production, the micro-breweries are also on the Route d’Alsace road, as for example that of Jean-Jacques Hupfel, known for its organic beers, including pissenlit (dandelion). The Saint-Alphonse brewery (Vogelgrun) promises to reveal all the secrets of manufacturing this foamy beverage, from its production to bottling.

The route also stops at the wine trail of Soultz-Wuenheim which leads to a teaching ground to learn the ampelography, relating to the study of the vine, grape varieties and grapes. A stopover in Ostheim, in the area of 12 hectares of vineyards of the family Froehlich, awarded the Grand Jury Prize at Pinot Gris Late Harvest 2016, at the Competition of the Great White Wines of the World 2019, last April 2019, may prove highly instructive. In another register, the parenthesis “Initiation to the tasting” invites to the discovery of Grands Crus d’Alsace in the area of Pierre Adam, before going to a restaurant for a lunch of tasty food and wine pairings. Finally, the unusual side, in the vicinity of Kientzheim, a winegrower combines, for two hours, tastings and Qi Gong sessions, a way to combine wine experience and well-being.

The above with more info at official webpage (in English): Cycling in Alsace

Do you know the wines of Tavel? Many years ago were my introduction to French rose wines! They were qualified at the time of kings of roses, a reputation that still precedes them today, as its wines astonish by their richness and complexity. It is a magnificent, powerful and generous wine, deep pink, revealed by the typicality of its terroir and the variety of grape varieties, from which it draws its floral and fruity aromas on the palate. With age, it develops shades of red fruits, grilled almonds and spices, far from the usual simplicity of the rosés of our aperitifs. You can try them by booking with participating institutions directly in the Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/crutavel

Other information on Tavel is the official Tavel wine appellation group here! http://www.vin-tavel.com/fr/l-appellation-tavel/appellation-aoc

And the Rhône wines region info on the Tavel here: http://www.rhone-wines.com/en/appellation/tavel

And there you a wonderful combination of open air countryside rides with great beers and wines, wonderful. Hope you enjoy it with moderation of course.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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  1. I read this interesting post just as we returned from a hike around some vines in the Haute Savoie. Such a beautiful time of year with the grapes ripe for picking on the vines. The Tavel and CDR region wines are some of my favourite rosés and reds!

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