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October 9, 2019

Pavillon Fleuriau at La Rochelle!

Ok so let me take to an off the beaten path place in very much visited La Rochelle. I have written before on La Rochelle  a lot but need to tell you about this wonderful walk full of history and nice architecture.

The cute Pavillon Fleuriau,  a folie or madness of the 19C overlooking the sea by La Rochelle. It is name after Aimé Benjamin Fleuriau de Touchelonge  a naval officer, colonial administrator and master of the French inverstigations at sea, born in La Rochelle  in 1785 and died on 1862 in the 8éme arrondissement of Paris

La Rochelle

There is a nice walk to get here that we have not done entirely but worth the try. The webpage from the La Rochelle tourist office tells you more but I will translate the part from the French (sometimes the same sometimes not) webpage:

By leaving the car near the Parc Franck Delmas, you cross the wooded oaks of the Parc d’Orbigny and end facing the ocean, with a superb panorama on the pointe des Minimes and the Phare du Bout du Monde or Lighthouse of the End of the World ! Continuing on this pretty walk, you come out on a very nice view: under the pines, you distinguish the plage de la Concurrence and in the background the tower or tour de la Lantern, recognizable with its gothic spire. Here, you walk in the footsteps of the bourgeois families of La Rochelle and the region which, in the 19C gave way to the vogue of the sea baths by installing on this littoral part of the bathing establishments: cabins to change (ladies and gentlemen did not mix obviously …), rest rooms and access ramp to face the waves !! All this was organized around the Casino, place of relaxation and essential game at a seaside resort worthy of the name.

Continuing, the path winds and bypasses the cute pavilion Fleuriau,  the folie of the 19C overlooking the sea; the walk continues pleasantly on the promenade de la Concurrence which leads to the beach of the same name. From there, two possible options: go to the old Port or stop on a terrace on the beach. For the return, you can fork in front of the Casino to join the shaded allée du Mail and go back to the imposing memorial, set as a final point to these beautiful avenues. On your way do not miss to admire the villas and mansions of the beginning of the last century, which testify to the attraction of La Rochelle for the generations of families in search of iodized air. A refreshing walk, to consume at any age and without moderation.

There is a museum connected here that we have been briefly as it is in another building name after the personage: The Musée du Nouveau Monde or the new world museum opened in 1982 in the mansion or hôtel particulier Fleuriau. The museum retraces the history of relations between the Americas and France as La Rochelle was at the time one of the principal ports of exchange with the Americas in the heart of the slave trade.

Indeed it is a nice walk even if we have not done it completely we will promise. Beautiful views of the sea but for now the Pavillon Fleuriau and my son!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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