Restaurant: Back to the 60’s at Rennes!

So here I am  ,love that series on restaurant and shopping  as seen in my previous posts and decided why not do the same in my lovely Bretagne! This is one we have been to several years back , and always thinking of going back with so much choice around we never did until now. We were here first with my dear late wife Martine and even purchase the Mountain Dew sodas to take home lol!!!

The first time we came in on market day, but were able to find street parking for the day for two euros at rue Legraveren off rue St Malo. We had réservations at restaurant back to the 60’s, an American diner style resto full of American icons and mountain dew sodas, cheesecakes, milkshakes, and big burgers. A smoothie, mojito mangue,club sandwiches, coffees, and great 60’s music background, a very efficient friendly staffs and loaded with locals families and students from nearby Universities. A great day indeed.

The next time we were here we didn’t purchase the Mountain Dew sodas (pepsi brand) to take home but we drank plenty on site! Back to the 60’s is at  5 bis, rue de Saint-Malo.

Don’t forget to walk Rue Saint Michel, or popularly called the Rue du soif, or street of thirst, as it is loaded with bars, restos and big university crowds; we went by it but continue to rue Saint Malo, and once hungry, we found a gem that will return next as above. From the 60’s deco, and music from the period from Elvis Presley to Buddy Holly, Rick Valens, and Chubby Checker, wow, and the food American style with American products. We even brought home some mountain dew as take out are allowed, great place.


In Rennes, Back to the 60’s, it’s almost an institution. It is strongly recommended to do reservation because of the affluence recorded at Back to the 60’s at each service. A real American dinner, which has attracted crowds for many years now. Distinguishing itself from the wealth of bistros and creperies Back to the 60’s restaurant focuses on bringing back American cuisine to the heart of Rennes. The restaurant is a favorite among students, locals and tourist alike.



Back to the 60’s immerses you in the 1960’s. To you retro sensations with long live red sky seats, black and white tiled floor, and a good old 60s rock in the background. Enter a real diner or rather an American restaurant because here they serve you at the table. The soda map is great because  we can have Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew, as well as many milkshakes!  And not to leave out the famous Cheesecake this time with strawberry and rhubard! An American Diner as we like them!




A bit of history on the American Diner: The dinner originated in the second half of the 19C in the northeastern United States. Originally conceived as a traveling roadside restaurant, the “dining car” or “lunch wagon” captivates with speed of service, an affordable price and extended hours. The dinner then settles in the form of prefabricated buildings that retain the tradition of a rectangular structure and the conviviality of the banquettes but adopt from the 1920s an influence Art Deco. Popularized worldwide in the American cinema of the 50s and 60s, the American dinner is somewhat neglected with the emergence of large chains of fast food. It resurfaces today, often in its style of the 60s, and differs in this warm and simple atmosphere, born of its history.

We have come back a few weeks afterward and again wonderful, rather than a short new post will add to this one for one whole Back to the 60’s history. It must be said that everything lends themselves: the servers are nice, although a little stressed in times of rush. And at the planning level, Back to the 60’s has combined choice and quality. For most burgers, you can opt for a steak of beef, chicken or soy. Some are quite simple like the Barbecue and Bacon, others more exotic like Hawaiian, and Gaetan’s Burger is by far the most impressive in the whole city with its 3 steaks, 2 slices of cheddar, slice of raclette cheese, egg and bacon. That’s all it is! If you have room for dessert, you’ll love the Oreo Cookie Bash and the many milkshakes. It’s quite noisy when it’s full, but it does not spoil the quality of the ingredients, the plethora of menu and the very good atmosphere. An American Diner the way we love them!!!

In at Rennes, you have friendly service, fast, and good prices with a surrounding ambiance of Americana and lovely architecture just steps out in old town Rennes!  Recommended! Remember Back to the 60’s at Rennes!

Some webpages to help you enjoy this restaurant are

Official Restaurant Back to the 60’s

Yelp my favorite reviews and me in it on the Back to the 60’s

Official tourist office of Rennes on the Rue Saint Malo area of restaurant in French

And on the way back we still had time to do our paper stuff groceries in Carrefour of Vannes lol! We are set go rugby world cup now!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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