Mexico DF from above!!!

And here I am going back to America, nahh not that one, the whole of it America as in Mexico. I have been there several times and sometimes even gone high , yes really high with great views of the city. Therefore, I like to tell you a bit more about it ok! As believe do not have these yet in my blog, DF from above!!

Metro Eje Central is a station on Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro. The station is located south of the city center, at the intersection between Eje Central (Lazaro Cardenas) and Avenida Popocatepetl. It is built underground. Right next to Plaza Universidad shopping center, in fact the hotel is connected to it inside.

The Avenida Popocatepetl is name after the famous volcano.. The Jewel, in the famous Paso de Cortés which connects the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes, from where the conquistador Hernán Cortés and his men saw the Mexican Valley for the first time on the way to Tenochtitlán (today Mexico City).!

Photo from City Express Patio Universidad Hotel. The corner is a very active area with lots of stores, malls and restaurants. As you can see the views are excellent too. More on the hotel here: City Express Hotel Popocatepetl and Universidad


The Torre Mayor is a skyscraper located at number 505 of Paseo de la Reforma avenue, in the space previously occupied by the Chapultepec Cinema and near the Bosque de Chapultepec forest. The tower has a height of 225.meters from Paseo de la Reforma) and 55 floors, in addition to 4 levels of underground parking and 9 above street level, with more than 2,000 self-service spaces available. It is equipped with 29 elevators /lifts and 84,135 m² of office space, 2 pressurized emergency stairs, automatic air conditioning units, mechanical, electrical and telecommunications systems on each floor. Given the seismicity of Mexico City, a rigorous seismic engineering study was carried out for its construction, in order to be able to seismically isolate the tower, insulation within which the 98 seismic dampers are located. The Torre Mayor is considered one of the strongest skyscrapers in the world and the one with the highest seismic tolerance in the world, with a maximum tolerance of 9.0 on the Richter scale. Likewise, it is considered the most solid and resistant tower on the planet, for its anti-seismic attachments and implements. See the picture from the Torre Mayor!

More on the Torre Mayor here: Official Torre Mayor location


Avenida Paseo de la Reforma is about 15 km long avenue. The name commemorates a series of liberal reforms carried out during the presidency and by the government of Benito Juárez in the 19C. It was traced on the orders of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico and was first called “Paseo de la Emperatriz” (promenade of the emperatrice). Inspired by the great European boulevards, it was intended to link the Chapultepec Castle to the National Palace located in the center of the city. It begins at Chapultepec Park, passes along the Torre Mayor and crosses the Zona Rosa and then to the Plaza de la Constitución (popular name is Zócalo) along Avenida Juárez  and Calle Francisco I. Madero.


The picture is from the bank building of Citibanamex at Av de los Insurgentes Sur 1602. More info here Citibanamex bank webpage on the location


The Avenida de los Insurgentes is a group of three continuous avenues that form one of the main road axes of the west of Mexico City (DF). It has a combined length of about 29  km through most of the Mexican capital. It is divided into three avenues or zones: the north (norte), the central zone(centro), the southern zone(Sur).

Popularly called Insurgentes, this avenue has its antecedents in several streets, rural roads, and sections of avenues that date back at least to the first half of the 19C. At that time, almost entirely, the land that would house Avenida de los Insurgentes was part of what were the lakes of Texcoco and Lake Xochimilco, which were dried by the different works that were carried out since the colonial era to dislodge the waters of the basin of Mexico. It is until the administration of Manuel Camacho Solís (1988 to 1993) as Head of the Department of the Federal District that the legal situation of the Avenidad de los Insurgents is regularized with the official creation of the three sections. Avenida de los Insurgentes Norte, from the street of Mosqueta or Axis 1 North to the Aqueduct of Guadalupe. Avenida de los Insurgentes Centro, from the Calle de Mosqueta or Axis 1 North to the Paseo de la Reforma.  And Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur, from the Paseo de la Reforma, to the Monumento al Caminero.

The one I visit the most is the Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur: This area begins at the crossroads with Paseo de la Reforma and, due to its extension, will be divided into several zones. These are briefly:  Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur (Cuauhtémoc – Juárez). Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur (Roma). Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur (Napoles – Del Valle). Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur (Florida – Mixcoac). Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur (San Ángel). Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur (C.U. – Pedregal). Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur (Cuicuilco – Tlalpan).


Currently the avenue has a system of rapid transit buses called Metrobús, based on other systems such as the RIT of Curitiba (Brazil) and the TransMilenio in Bogotá(Colombia). Both tried by yours truly too.  Here are some interesting places to visit including the one I go to the World Trade Center  Mexico. The Galerias Insurgentes shopping center,  Plaza Manacar shopping center (both great) ,and the Teatro de los Insurgentes (wonderful) . The Torre Mural is a great shopping area too.


The Avenida de Chapultepec is one of the main roads of Mexico City located in the central and western part of it. It takes the vehicular route in both directions to communicate the central part of the city with the areas near the Bosque de Chapultepec, Tacubaya and Polanco districts. The name assigned to this avenue comes from the Nahuatl language Chapultepec, which in that language means “hill of crickets or grasshoppers”.


Part of the layout of this avenue is due to the old Aqueduct of Chapultepec, an indigenous work that was built on the old lake of Texcoco to bring the waters of the springs of Chapultepec to the Aztec capital. The same route was taken towards the end of the 19c by the Imperial Committee of Emperor Maximilian I before the route of the so-called Paseo de la Emperatriz (the current Paseo de la Reforma).

With the growth of the city finished the Mexican Revolution and in the 20C, the decision was made to expand the avenue, for which part of the old colonial aqueduct is demolished. The idea was taken to conserve only 20 arcades of the old aqueduct located in the central ridge, near the Sevilla metro station. Likewise, the famous Glorieta de los Insurgentes  beautiful roundabout (see picture) was designed and a replica of the fountain was placed where the aqueduct in front of the hermitage of Salto del Agua was concluded. Passing the roundabout we find the Zona Rosa on our right.My old hangout area when in Mexico!!! My bags loading was at the Hotel Royal Reforma in calle Amberes 78 almost corner with Avenida de Chapultepec from which the picture was taken! More on the hotel here: Hotel Royal Reforma

So there you go a nice view of nice walking areas in Mexico city (DF) for all to enjoy and soak in the local culture. Not to leave great views of this huge city that you need to pinpoint the address very well to get to your location. Hope you enjoy the tour!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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6 Comments to “Mexico DF from above!!!”

  1. I am not into cities, as you know, and this one is particularly built up and I understand it’s one of the most highly populated cities in the world, so perhaps it is not for me. However, Mexico is still on my bucket list and hope to make it one day. I wonder, have you ever been to Guadalajara? I used to love that song by Jorge Negrete my mother used to listen to: “Guadalajara en un Llano, Méjico en una Laguna… “

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  2. You are such a world traveler. I like the distinction you placed on “America”. I always tell people I’m from the U.S., not America. Enjoy your stay!

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