Restaurant: Ham Museum! in Madrid!

So, therefore, after posting about the monuments and sights of my beloved Madrid will go into the places of shopping and restaurant with a series Restaurant: XXX Madrid or Shopping: XXX Madrid. Hope you enjoy them and do try them when visiting Madrid the food and shopping is an experience to behold in lovely Madrid. For lack of creativity ,I will copy this first paragraph into the subsequents posts! ::)

No no, you won’t come here to see beautiful displays of hams, but you will come to taste them , a lot!! This is a restaurant call the Ham Museum or Museo del Jamon. It goes from the fact the hams are hanging along the walls for display sort of…

If you are passing by Madrid you certainly cannot miss a visit to its most famous and the tastiest of all museums in Madrid; the Museo del Jamon or the Ham Museum, which is actually a typical Spanish tapa bar full with Spanish hams and therefore called the museo del jamón. A Madrid institution since 1978 that has since continue with a great success due to its great selection, quality and prices. Today the third generation of the business continue the proud example of its grandparents founders;. From Madrid to heaven passing by the Museo del Jamón.


The best thing to do while visiting the Museo del Jamon is to stand at the bar and order your food and drinks directly from the waiters. The bar can get packed at times so you might have to squeeze in to place your order and make sure you will get noticed as normally the general rule is who first shouts the loudest gets drinks first too. It is still a great bargain though because most of the dishes are fairly cheaply priced and with each drink that you order you will always get a free tapa as well.


I always make a stop in one of them while in Madrid and this time with the boys was a lot of fun introducing to the bar counter on foot ordering lol! They love it!!! And will be back. There are 5 different Museos del Jamon in Madrid, the three most centrically situated are on the Gran via no. 72, Carrera de San Jerónimo 6 (the one we visit this time) and Plaza Mayor no.18. All worth your trip there , enjoy it and this is Madrid!!!

Official Museo del Jamon at Carrera San Jeronimo

There you go a dandy and very easy to get into it for the first timer or so to Madrid eating/drinking out its a ritual and a must:love it!!! Enjoy the Museo del Jamon in my beloved Madrid!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


3 Comments to “Restaurant: Ham Museum! in Madrid!”

  1. That would be something very interesting to see and nice to buy some of the products. 👍

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  2. A bit too much for just the 2 of us, but a few slices would be nice.

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