Restaurant: San Andrés and Docamar, Madrid!!

So, therefore, after posting about the monuments and sights of my beloved Madrid will go into the places of shopping and restaurant with a series Restaurant: XXX Madrid or Shopping: XXX Madrid. Hope you enjoy them and do try them when visiting Madrid the food and shopping is an experience to behold in lovely Madrid. For lack of creativity ,I will copy this first paragraph into the subsequents posts! ::)

So here we are in culinary splendeur of my beloved Madrid. Let me tell you about another find and an all time best which we missed sadly.

It is more than possible that you had a caña at the Cervecería de San Andrés in the Plaza de San Andrés, 4 without even knowing its name. We stay on the terrace in front of the Church of San Andrés (see previous post). We were walking as we did all over Madrid with hunger in our minds we saw this quant bar cerveceria brasserie /brewery and say enough walking we stop here and get something cold like a glass of cold Mahou 5 stars beer (caña) and some omelette or tortilla and chorizos sausages and we were full and happy to be here.


Well the restaurant is divided into two floors, small room upstairs and bathrooms downstairs, but we stay in the sunny terrace with parasol umbrellas. This lifelong bar, but conveniently renovated, is one of the first to be filled thanks to its spacious and splendid terrace; one of the most popular in the neighborhood. In a quiet little square, in the shade of an umbrella and in front of a beautiful church, the best of Madrid is felt. Cooking level is quite traditional: raciones of tortilla, calamari, cheese, ham etc lovingly serve by a friendly waiter. Something to remember! Cerveceria San Andrés.

Their official webpage is under maintenance as I wrote this post but on my favorite Yelp reviews they have it nice for you : Yelp reviews on Cerveceria San Andrés

And now some that I know very well and very dear to me. I used to lived across the street for several years and always make the point to stop by. Sadly, this time by the time we got there is was closed as we missed the summer cut off day! Disappointed to say the least but more eager now to come back,and we will be back, always back to my beloved Madrid.

I like to mention here on this year missed my sweet neighborhood resto bar Docamar at Calle de Alcalá, 337. Metro: Quintana, line 5, just at the foot of my piso apartment when lived in Madrid in the early 1970’s and my pilgrimage visit every year to Madrid, as brings back wonderful memories of my dear late mother Gladys.


If you want to try some of the best ‘patatas bravas’ in town, you’ll have to head out here, beyond the M-30 ring road. The merit of the dish is shared equally by the potatoes and the house sauce.

Docamar has made the humble tuber its flag. They spend around 4,000 kg  of potatoes weekly. A huge amount indeed. In the neighborhood of Quintana the neighbors already have that taste in their taste memory. It is already familiar, like the croquettes of our mothers. And also the taste of its secret sauce, recipe of the founder, Donato Cabrera, who never imagined how far his star dish would reach when he took it out of his sleeve a thousand years ago (so of speak…). Today, it is his grandson , Raúl Cabrera, who tries to maintain that heritage, but adapting to the new times. The bar retains that traditional aesthetic , where it seems that time has stopped.


Outside, the barrels to support the potato sacks ,and chop something fresh, and inside, two floors. The one below or street level with a huge bar and a boiling troop of waiters. Here, for each drink, they usually put some potatoes. It is tapas at discretion. Glass bottles with the famous sauce decorate the wall behind the counter. They make about 20,000 liters a year that they also sell (take home!), by the way, to those who cannot live without it.

Upstairs, a well-appointed room, spacious and bright, with many windows and decorated with photos of people from the neighborhood: communions, football, workers, gangs, old and modern images, of people who went to breakfast, take a caña, and others who each afternoon came by it; this is their bar. A tribute to the faithful neighborhood, where, it is normal to share! Docamar forever and really here since 1963!! but it does seems like a thousand years!!

Official Docamar, the Quintana institution!

And there you go, one new to rediscover in a quant old section of Madrid at San Andrés, and the other well what can I say, I had it mentioned in previous posts but this is like coming home, Docamar, so sad we were just two days off and was closed. We will be back to my beloved Madrid!

And remember, happy travels good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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