Shopping: Anton Martin and Cebada, Madrid!!

So, therefore, after posting about the monuments and sights of my beloved Madrid will go into the places of shopping and restaurant with a series Restaurant: XXX Madrid or Shopping: XXX Madrid. Hope you enjoy them and do try them when visiting Madrid the food and shopping is an experience to behold in lovely Madrid. For lack of creativity ,I will copy this first paragraph into the subsequents posts! ::)

Let me bring you into the markets of Madrid, the ones many times overlook for the other famous one. Well been in the city I have been to several of them and love them all. It is the vibrant life of any city and these are tops. Wherever , I am in the world I go to these markets for the essential foods, the huge hyper markets are only for the paper….

Let me tell you a bit about the Mercado of Anton Martin and de La Cebada in my beloved Madrid.

The Mercado de Antón Martín (officially named Mercado Municipal de Antón Martín) is a food market located in the center of Madrid between Calle de Atocha (next to the parish Church of San Salvador and San Nicolás) and Calle de Santa Isabel (next to Cine Doré ). Close to the Plaza de Antón Martín.


The market became a covered supply plaza, which includes a passage discovered between Calle de Atocha and Calle de Santa Isabel (pasaje Doré ). Nearby was the Hospital of San Juan de Dios, near the Church of San Salvador and San Nicolás. In 1933 the City Council of Madrid commissioned a design of what will be the Market of Antón Martín The project is not executed until after the Spanish Civil War and was inaugurated in 1941. In the 1950’s, after the remodeling of the area is built the building that it is currently shown.


The Mercado de Anton Martin has three floors, in the first two almost fifty different sales posts are distributed: fishmongers, bakeries, butchers, etc. Being the third one dedicated to private activities, since the beginning of the 21C by the flamenco dance school of Amor de Dios (love of God) The exits of the market building unleash in the Calle de Santa Isabel and in the Pasaje Doré passage. Some of the market stalls are distributed along the Calle de Santa Isabel.

Official Mercado de Anton Martin

Tourist office of Madrid on the Mercado de Anton Martin

The Mercado de La Cebada (Barley market) is one of the largest supply markets in Madrid. It is located in the Plaza de la Cebada no. 15, in the neighborhood of La Latina.


In the location of the market there were since the 16C a set of outdoor stalls located in what is the Plaza de la Cebada. At this time the Puerta de Toledo was one of the entrance gates to the city and through it came the products that came from the provinces.

The use of iron in its structures was a notorious feature. The works began in 1870 and finally it was inaugurated on June 11, 1875 by King Alfonso XII. Due to hygienic problems, the building was demolished in 1956, and a more functional-looking market was built in 1958.

The current Mercado de La Cebada market has two effective commercial floors with an area of more than 6000 square meters. To the two mentioned floors , another one was added that acts as a warehouse and another one for parking (392 parking spaces). It is worth noting the six red domed roofs that close the building. As well as the large mural on the main monuments of Madrid made in 1962.


Official Mercado de La Cebada

Tourist office of Madrid on the Mercado de La Cebada

There an every day feature of any big city and Madrid lucky to have a few nice ones and amongst them are these ones the Mercado de Anton Martin and the Mercado de La Cebada; enjoy them as we did/do

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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