Cutural center and theater in Madrid!

Back on the trail in my walks of my beloved Madrid. So much to see but we are lugging alone to see as much as possible with my 3 young men sons in tow! This is a nice combination that I group in this post.  I like to tell you about an all time favorite theater and an off the beaten path cultural local center right by Madrid Rio (more of this later).

Let me tell you a bit on the Teatro de La Latina theater and the Casa del Reloj cultural center!  In Madrid, of course!!!

The theater or Teatro de La Latina is located in the Plaza de la Cebada ,in the neighborhood of the Barrio de La Latina. It has been one of the most important stages for the representation of comedy and reviews in the history of the theater of Spain throughout the 20C. It owes its name to Beatriz Galindo, la Latina, a 15C Castilian writer.


A bit of brief history of the long one of this wonderful theater one of the few that I have attended over the previous years.

This Madrid theater of La Latina was created in the first decade of the 20C by the Juan Lafora Calatayud antique dealer, from a cinema built on the grounds of an old hospital. In the theater, baptized under the pseudonym of Beatriz Galindo, La Latina.

At the time of Luis Díez, (1947-62), the author and entrepreneur, carried his Great reviews company, Head of the La Latina Theater. In 1964, the shrewd magazine entrepreneur Matías Colsada, who had since 1956 the Apollo Theater of Barcelona, ​​rents the Madrid Theater La Latina. Undoubtedly, Colsada, is the one who fully exploits the room and the billboard of one of the most popular theaters in Madrid. Until in 1977 it had become an old hut about to disappear.!

Lina Morgan, who triumphed at the Barceló in Madrid, aware of the resounding disappearance of the Theater of her dreams, that of her triumphs, that of her beginnings and the one who saw her be born, decides, with the help of her brother José Luis to buy that hut that was far from the palace of the reviews of Colsada. First they rented it and then bought it. It wouldn’t be until 1983 when they acquired it. After its restoration in 1984 of the whole Theater, where Lina Morgan demanded the architect that in the dressing rooms there were bathrooms, showers and sofas to rest, Comedy companies enter. In 2005, Lina Morgan, owner of the theater, associated with producer José Luis Moreno, to exploit and turn the Teatro de La Latina around as the theater of Madrid par excellence. A contract that lasts two years and where they schedule a Zarzuelas cycle. in La Latina it was the concert Fall in love with me by Isabel Pantoja (great Spanish singer one of my favorites!), who during the 13 only performances absolutely filled the theater, although she had to suspend the last three.

Since 2007, Lina Morgan has once again directed the theater and the shows. Great actors have passed through the Teatro de La Latina theater: almost the entire Spanish Theater of the 20C and 21C!!!. In June 2010 the actress sold the theater to the company Focus-Penta S.L formed by the Catalan Focus group and the Madrileña Pentación shows.

Official Teatro de La Latina

Tourist office of Madrid on Teatro de La Latina

The so-called Casa del Reloj  (clock house) was formerly the Pavilion of Central Services of the Slaughterhouse and Municipal Market of Livestock of Madrid. It is located in the district of Arganzuela on Paseo de la Chopera 6 to 10. It is currently the Casa del Reloj Cultural Center, as well as the Municipal Board of the District of Arganzuela.


The former slaughterhouse and cattle market was built between 1908 and 1928, commissioned by the City Council. In 1982, the headquarters of the Municipal Board of Arganzuela were transferred to La Casa del Reloj. Their dependencies are enabled to provide services for a nursing home. There are cultural events here of local interest in 2 exhibition halls Auditorium with capacity of 265 persons,  15 classrooms and the Nave de Terneras (big hall for exhibitions in the old calves warehouse) . You get here on Metro Legazpi  lines 3, and 6 and  Bus lines  62, 6, 78, and 148. We arrive walking along Madrid Rio (more later).


Tourist office of Madrid on the Casa del Reloj

And there you go two wonderful cultural centers to visit and soak the culture of my Madrid, Spain. Especially I must say you should not missed a show at the Teatro de La Latina! In Madrid of course!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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