Notre Dame Cathedral , Update Sep19!

And again on our national treasure of the Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris! It is an ongoing effort by many people some not so well known but all working to make it happened as soon as possible. Still guided by the President Macron promise to do so in five years! A big effort indeed! And we count on you visitors to help too

This is an official Notre Dame Cathedral fund raiser site for foreigners: Friends of Notre Dame Cathedral donation site

On the health issues that have been printed on the media be calm all is under control now.

Health authorities announced  last Thursday, September 12, that there is “no warning signal” for children detected. The provisional assessment of lead measurements made among about 750 children attending school near the Notre-Dame Cathedral “does not issue a health warning signal” at this stage, they are indeed estimated. proportion of children exceeding the mandatory threshold for lead poisoning (50 micrograms of lead per liter of blood) remains “slightly lower” than the national average measured during a survey in 2009, according to the analysis conducted by the regional unit of Public Health France.

The huge rebuilding effort is cautiously ongoing but moving in the right direction me think

The Mikado of all dangers … The 300 tons of scaffolding built in 2018 on the roof of Notre Dame were the essential element for the restoration of the spire of the cathedral of Paris. Since the dramatic fire of April 15, this ephemeral built of 50,000 steel tubes has become a threat to the cathedral. One of the most complex aspects of the current construction site is the dismantling of this scaffold heated to more than 800 degrees, as recognize the architects responsible for this perilous operation. While this steel structure was to rise 95 meters above the ground to reach the top of the spire, the carcass that we see today above the cathedral rises to only 50 meters. A protocol of action has just been defined to remove one by one the tubes using rope access.

The prefect of the region applied the precautionary principle. But it is not sure that the lead found in all Paris comes from Notre-Dame. This imposes additional constraints on the work while they are still in an imperious phase of urgency. In these conditions, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile the work to be done because of the fragility of the monument and the optimum protection rules of the teams. Today, blood tests are done every month on workers for blood lead and they are never above average. The same is true for breathing air tests. The results are still well below the dangerous thresholds.

It is difficult to consider an end date of this consolidation period of the Notre Dame Cathedral. They will not be really reassured until mid-2020. It’s always worrying. The monument remains in danger on two levels: that of the vaults that can always fall and that of the scaffolding, which can collapse. There are nearly 200 to 300 tons of  scrap metal. As a result, during the fire, the scaffolding did not fall. But the tubes welded to each other, and were deformed. Only the side on which the arrow fell was deformed. All this makes the structure fragile. It is even miraculous that it still holds.

The finish on the laying of the floor that rests on the walls drips It already exists above the choir and above the two transepts. They will then encircle on three levels the weakened scaffolding. Then ,they will build a new scaffolding that will culminate at 50 meters and on which will rest a set of beams. This is where cord trappists can go down and cut all the tubes, one by one, from top to bottom. This operation could be completed in January 2020. That is the goal. Once past this delicate phase of dismantling the scaffolding, they  will put a first umbrella and a large umbrella higher than the existing roof before to rebuild the structures of the future frame, regardless of the chosen technique, wood , concrete or other.

And the fund raising is moving by many famous and unknown alike including yours truly!!!

In an on going effort to fund the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral forty-two works of art were auctioned this past Sunday  at Château de Chambord for a total of more than 43,000 euros for the benefit of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Among them, two manuscripts by Alain Souchon. The first of sentimental crowd, released in 1993, and the second of Hello mom, bobo in 1977, were awarded 2,200 euros. A painting by the painter Grégory Cortecero, On the road to reconstruction made using the sumi-e technique, a traditional Japanese painting movement in ink and water, was awarded 2,600 euros. In total, 21,690 euros were collected, matched at the same height by the County Council of Loir-et-Cher. The works were donated by thirty or so artists from the Val-de-Loire. This sum will enable Goudji to produce the evangelical of Notre-Dame Cathedral , a cover in which it is place the liturgical book of Christianity which contains the totality of or part of the Gospels read during the celebrations!

Louis Philippe’s carpet saved from the waters. When the huge richly woven carpet inaugurated under Louis-Philippe for the Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Paris was evacuated a few days after the fire, the fear of the Mobilier National was a rapid decay by the water. But delicate operations have saved it, before a restoration that will restore its luster .So another item saved!!!

In all, again huge effort but all worth it for a National treasure of world proportions that goes beyond faith, all are giving! And I thank you. merci de fond de mon coeur à tous!

Be there, see it feel it, share it Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, eternal as the city of lights. And remember, happy travels good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Thanks for a fascinating glimpse of everything being done to restore Notre Dame!

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  2. It is a relief lead levels are safe, especially for the children. As for the restauration work, something worth doing is worth doing right, however long it takes and, as they said in Toy Story 2, “You can’t rush Art”!

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  3. Great to hear about all the fundraising efforts being made; thanks for sharing.

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