Monumento a los Caidos por España!

Now this is a monument on a very touristic area of my beloved Madrid with huge important monuments around such as the Prado Museum! However, for folks like me, this is also important to note and walking able to show to my young men sons. There is so many niches around Madrid it will be long the teachings lol!

The Monumento a los Caidos por España or  monument to the Fallen for Spain, called before 1985 obelisk or monument to the Heroes of Dos de Mayo, (heroes of May 2 Independence Day in Spain) is located in the Plaza de la Lealtad, next to the Paseo del Prado.


After several attempts to create a monument in homage to all the anonymous fighters killed during the uprising of May 2, 1808, in 1820 a contest was called for this purpose. It was resolved the following year; on April 21, 1821 the first stone was laid. On November 22, 1985, King Juan Carlos I reopened the monument, going on to devote himself to all those killed for Spain, in whose memory a gas-fueled flame was permanently burned. The work is erected in the same place where General Murat sent numerous Madrid people to be shot after May 2, 1808. A sad story by France’ Napoleon the dictator!

The body that serves as a square base to the monument has on its west face a socket that houses a sarcophagus with the ashes of the Madrid people shot on May 2. Above, the top shot of the base features a bas-relief medallion with the effigies of captains Luis Daoíz and Pedro Velarde (heroes of Madrid in that contest). On the base rests another body of smaller dimensions on whose four fronts there are allegorical statues representing Constance, Courage, Virtue and Patriotism. Finally, a stone obelisk stands 5.6 meters high. On the front base, there is the inscription, in golden letters, “Honor to all who gave their life for Spain”.

Of course, this has no tourist office reference so the above is a simple homage for me and a picture; just for the memories of our family and my blog. Hope you too can take the time and stop by to these old defenders of liberty. After all you will be right there by Prado!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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