Plaza de Colon, Madrid of course!

Ok so I continue with my Madrid due to my recent visit to my beloved City. This is a special square as was here that I end up in the hotel then Fenix now part of Melia with my girlfriend on a trip to be introduced to my city , later she became my wife from Meaux , France, which sadly has passed away from me due to pancreatic cancer. I missed her and coming to these places brings back many souvenirs of good times that will live forever. One more reason writing about my Madrid makes it all so special.


This is my previous post on the Plaza de Colon: My previous blog post on the Plaza de Colon Madrid

The Plaza de Colón is a public space where streets such as Goya, Genova and the Castellana and Recoletos promenades converge. It receives its name from Christopher Columbus. It is delimited by the streets of Serrano, Goya, Jorge Juan, and the Paseo de Recoletos and La Castellana, linking the latter two with the Calle de Genova. In it there is a monument to Christopher Columbus in a neo-Gothic style, erected between 1881 and 1885. This consists of a square base with reliefs and an octagonal pillar carved in stone and a three-meter-high statue carved in white marble from Italy The total height is 17 meters.


In the eastern part of the square there is a large open space known as the Jardines del Descubrimiento or  Discovery Gardens, in which is the Fernán Gómez Theater Art Center, former Cultural Center of the Villa de Madrid. In 1977 the monument to the Discovery of America was installed in the gardens. It is a set of three concrete macro sculptures, called respectively The Prophecies, The Genesis and The Discovery, with reliefs and inscriptions. From the day of the national holiday of Spain of 2001, in the Plaza de Colón flies the flag of Spain’s largest in the world, 14 m x 21 m (294 m²), on a 50 m high mast !



I will post new photos from 2019 here.

The tourist office of Madrid on it : Tourist office of Madrid on the Plaza de Colon

There a wonderful spot indeed and I say one of the must see while in Madrid. Hope you enjoy it as I/we do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. Another trip down memory lane for me. The happy days of youth! 👍

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