Teleférico Rosales, Madrid of course!

And once again, I am repeating previous sites, well these are a must if visiting Madrid and for me remembering my youth can’t be here without been there! Madrid is it!

I will tell you about the cable car ride or Teleférico Rosales of Madrid, great thrills from my youths taken girls here wow great souvenirs and now to tell my boys as we ride together. Only sad part my dear late wife Martine is no longer with us; as in previous and future posts her smiling face will always be with us.

Let me post my previous entry on the Teleférico here: My previous post on the Teleferico of Madrid

The Teleférico Rosales or cable car is at the Paseo del Pintor Rosales and arrives in the Park of Casa del Campo. It rides over the rosaleda in the parque del Oeste, the Principe Pie cercanias train station, the Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida and the Manzanares River and ends just a few steps from the Plaza de Pasos Perdidos in Casa del Campo. In the ride you practically see all of Madrid from both sides of the cabin!


As for the access entrances, it has two: one you will find at the height of the number 1 of the Paseo Pintor Rosales and the other in the Casa de Campo, on Camino Robledal nº 2. One of the entrances is located at the confluence of the Paseo by Pintor Rosales, Calle del Marqués de Urquijo and Paseo de Camoens. It is close to the Argüelles metro station lines 3;4 and 6. If you prefer to go by bus you can take No. 21 and 74. The Casa de Campo cable car station is close to the Batán metro station (25 min walk). You can also take bus no. 33.


Their webpage is here: Official teleferico of Madrid

Tourist office of Madrid on the Teleferico of Madrid

There you go another dandy in lovely eternal Madrid, do not miss the cable car is a great ride for the whole family and great views indeed.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!


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