Joy Eslava, Madrid of course!

Ok this is for the memories only for me. This is a place of my youth in my beloved Madrid from another era. Even if old each time in the city passed by it as to remind myself of the good old days in Madrid.

When a young teen used to come here for theater presentations and community dances. We were eager to show off to the girls and dress to kill. Of course, there were a lot of guards then to keep an eye on us. Time has change!!! This is now a very hot discotheque of the rich and famous and then not.

However, the spot is nostalgic and makes you bring out the best in you or the young in you and now sharing stories with my young men sons! Joy Eslava or as old days Teatro Eslava is it in my Madrid!

Maybe it would help some young folks come to Madrid and have a blast here it is guarantee… Some older photo  here


joy Eslava  is the name of a nightclub located in the Calle del Arenal near Puerta del Sol. Here there was a theater from the 19C until 1981 when the nightclub was inaugurated on the night of February 24, 1981. The stage and the balconies have been transformed into a dancefloor to make it a mythical place in Madrid. The Joy Eslava would become one of the leisure places of reference in Madrid, for a specific public and incorporating a new type of premises, the macro-disco.

During the 1980s it was a place of concentration of characters from the so-called Madrid Movida and served as an occasional stage for the Spanish television musical program Aplauso, which led there stars of the moment such as Alaska and the Pegamoides, Mecano or Tino Casal. Joy Eslava has continued to host concerts, parties and various social events, with the participation of celebrities such as Roger Moore, Pedro Almodóvar, Stevie Wonder, Julio Iglesias or Ruth Lorenzo.

Official Joy Eslava

Tourist office of Madrid on Joy Eslava

Photos from 2019 here!



This is for the night owls now but worth it still do try it if you dare lol! Madrid forever!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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2 Comments to “Joy Eslava, Madrid of course!”

  1. I remember the programme Aplauso: we used to watch it all the time, the equivalent of Top of the Pops in the UK. We went there once from our Azafatas school as we were promised we’d be part of the crowd when filming programme and we’d be on TV. We waited for ages outside, but in the end they didn’t ask us in and we all left very disappointed and angry. I never thought about the programme in the same way after that and as I moved to the UK soon after, never watched it again.

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