Plaza de la Villa, Madrid of course!

On my wandering moments walking my beloved Madrid of course I stumbled into some familiar areas and indeed very popular over loaded I would say. This is the case of the Plaza de la Villa

I have written before on it and will be brief this time with some new photos. Enjoy it still worth the detour.

My previous post on the Plaza de la Villa Madrid

The Plaza de la Villa (formerly Plaza de San Salvador) is located in the historic center, next to Calle Mayor. In it, three small streets originate, corresponding to the primitive medieval city center of the city, these are the Calle El Codo appears in the east, that of Calle Cordón in the south and Calle Madrid in the west.


In its outline are the main facades of three buildings of great historical-artistic value, built in different centuries. The oldest is the Casa y Torre de Lujanes , 15C, built in Gothic-Mudejar style, which is located on the eastern side of the square. It is followed in seniority by the Casa de Cisneros ; 16C, a Plateresque palace that closes the southern part of the enclosure, and the Casa de la Villa, 17C, in the Baroque style.


The square, completely pedestrianized, is surrounded by some of the most relevant and oldest buildings in the history of Madrid, from the 15C 16Cn 17C. In its center stands the monument to Don Alvaro de Bazan.

Just out of habits here is the tourist office of Madrid on it: Tourist office of Madrid on the Plaza de la Villa

And there you go another wonderful spot to see and be seen in Madrid and seen you will be right off a very popular strip but worth the detour for its architecture and historical meaning. Hope you enjoy it as we did

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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