Iglesia del Sacramento or Fuerzas Armadas, Madrid of course!

And moving right alone on my latest haunt in my beloved city of Madrid. I have come by here several times and very hard to get in as very small limited time allow and no pictures so is a love affair to get in. One of the off the beaten path Churches of Madrid!

I like to tell anyway on the Church of the Sacrement or Iglesia del Sacramento, otherwise known as the Armed Forces Church!

Madrid Cathedral Castrense of Armed Forces aug16

I came to the small wonderful quaint Catédral Castrense at calle del Sacramento 11,  off the Calle Mayor. The official name is the Iglesia Catédral de las Fuerzas Armadas (Church Cathedral of the Armed Forces), also,known as Catédral Castrense or Iglesia del Sacramento (Church of the Sacrement).


Here was the old monastery  of the Bernadines monks founded in 1615.  Only the Church is left of the original , the monastery was demolished in 1972. The Ministry of Defense used it since 1980.


It has a simple cover set around a central relief that represents the glorification of St. Bernard. The roof of the porch, meanwhile, houses a painting of angels playing. The ornate dome, the high columns topped with complex capitals, the altarpieces, the height of its ceilings. And, above this, the color of the light that enters through the magnificent lantern and occupies all the space

One of the most followed processions of Holy Week ends in this church. On Good Friday, the Christ of the Halberdiers leaves the Royal Palace and, after a tour of Madrid of the Austrias, returns to his place in the Cathedral of the Armed Forces.

Here are a couple of webpages to help you plan your trip here

Tourist office of Madrid on the Church

And this is the Archbishop’s site in Spanish but plenty of gorgeous pictures to enjoy: Official Archbishop Castrense on the Church

There you another off the beaten path right by a very popular area indeed. Enjoy the Armed Forces Cathedral or Sacrement Church! in my beloved Madrid.

And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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