The streets of Madrid!

So here is a nice break from monuments , shops, restos etc, and just do your mind free and walk , walk in Madrid! I do like to take easy fast transportation to the cities like the car … but once in it walking is king and we love it!! Been able to do so in a wonderful city like Madrid is heavens!



We have no plan/maps or pre determine area we just get up have breakfast and take off into another land. One day is left turn another day is right turn and even straight away will do!

This is very good but when it comes to do it in Madrid it is heavens on earth. This is the city that I spread my wings so of speak when an early teen in town, and eager to learn all of it. It took me to many places in town and unfortunately no pictures as on those other regime days we were poor.

However, remember those sidewalks and street names did sink in and when able to have pictures took to the streets in earnest. Over the years, been lazy really ,did not bother with pictures until started joining travel forum on the leading names on the web and so folks taken pictures of things I knew and had none. A picture taking hunger started that has not stop to this day thanks in a big part to my blog and readers like you. A big thank you!


The latest trip to my beloved Madrid was no different and took pictures of different streets some known some unknown to many off the beaten path. This post is about these streets of Madrid, enjoy them as we did .


There are tourist offices that helps you with maps and directions if need to or ask me!


Calle de Alcalà 331 2do A off metro Quintana line 5 lived here with my mother as a teen!

Enjoy the pictorial and remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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