And one more time in Madrid!!!!

Ok so for lack of a better title I just say ,and one more time in Madrid! My dear city of my rebel youth and perpetual love affairs. Coming here lucky to do it every year is a refresher on life with so much good ambiance and food and sights. I was once again in my beloved Madrid.

Surprisingly with the times I keep taking more pictures and this time took over 700 , do not know how they may look but they are already priceless for me and my boys had a blast too. Madrid is us!!!



Let me tell you this time too in a long time we came using my FF miles on AF going and Air Europa/KLM coming back. All nice except a delay of 35 minutes at Schiphol Amsterdam which by now from my business trips is becoming usual delays.  So the trail was Nantes Atlantique, to Paris CDG going and coming back was Air Europe to Amsterdam and KLM to Nantes. The only restraint I have with air travel is the strict security measures which takes away from the fun and limits your intake of goodies! With the car in the EU is much better!!!

I use the Multi pass card for the first time there but very easy to use as it is modeled after the oyster card in London which I have already used several times. Both cards are rechargeable and reusable even for later years trips. The card in Madrid cost 2,50€ plus the desired trips which we load up the 10 trips option always and the airport surcharge apart of 3€ per person. The multi pass card can be share by all in your group super! The card is explain here in English: MetroMadrid on the Multi pass card

I can tell you raves about our lodging, I took from a friend and directly from their webpage dealing with nice Europeans folks of Italy and Romania as hosts. The B&B is Lapepa at Plaza de las Cortes 4, 7th floor right next to the Congreso de Diputados or the Spanish congress! and attach to the Thyssen museum! near Prado and the works; great location.



The place was clean well stocked, friendly folks, and a great value for the money with the lodging and breakfast included we pay 90 euros per night! A bargain considering the chic business location and straight line on carrera de San jeronimo to Puerta del Sol as well!!! Their webpage is at LaPepa B&B Madrid

I will leave the eateries and shopping for  a separate post and concentrate on the sites first, as will be busy telling you all about the wonderful Madrid one of the world’s leading destination in Spain everything under the sun!

You can count on me to tell you all about my wonderful Madrid, and already thinking of next year’s trip lol!! We , you will not get tired of this vibrant, youthful, artistic, architecturally stunning great ambiance city on the move. Enjoy Madrid!!



And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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