Once again Quimper!!!

Indeed, once again Quimper!!! this is a very nice city we love and with so much to see sometimes we take time to come back, but come back we did this week and here are some new photos. Really not much to tell as I have plenty written in my blog on various spots of the city. However, always worth it to come back!

We were riding the road warrior routine in the Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne and with time decided to stop by Quimper before heading home in my beautiful Morbihan breton dept 56.

For now something on Quimper. One thing we love to do once in town is to walk, indeed walk as much as you can and see more of our beautiful region and country for that matter. One walk that is a must repeat is the one by the Odet river and over and across its passarelle bridges lovely sublime, this is Bretagne and for that matter my belle France!

The passarelles from the theater Max Jacob coming along the Odet river to the Préfecture of Finistére and along the blvd Dupleix and Blvd Amiral de Kerguelen. In my beautiful Quimper. These are

Passarelle Louis Pasteur, Passarelle Canet-Mallejacq (right by old gardens) ; Passarelle Bolloré, (here is the post office and the pont de la poste); Passarelle Guével, Passarelle Max Jacob (by the Bishop’s garden) ; Passarelle de la Phalange d’Arvor, (start again of old gardens) Passarelle Tanguy, Passarelle Traonouez; Passarelle Liot, here you see the Musée Départemental Breton or Breton dept museum, and the pont St Catherine. A wonderful promenade indeed we love to do each time in town!


While in this walk, even if no time to go in again (you can see my previous post on it) we love the Musée Départemental Breton or the Departemental Breton Museum on the local history of customs and the city lovely historical and an nice architecturally stunning bishop’s palace.  And a peek of the Cathedral St Corentin!!!


There is the always wonderful Cinéma Arcades facing the Odet river and the passarelles, just perfect for a movie, sublime, or as I said in heavens.


The always wonderful Place Saint Corentin full of great ambiance, lively and great places to sip , shop , and see the world go by. Right there is the inmense Cathedral St Corentin more of that in later  post. On the right a peek at the fine arts museum musée des beaux-arts


quimper  19

The always a must Rue Kéreon right off the Place St Corentin and into old Quimper full of restos, shops, and ice cream parlors , our favorite is Georges Larnicol, also with stores in Paris but Breton!




In all, it is always a pleasant visit to Quimper , one of the must cities to visit in Brittany in my opinion; and these days full of tourists especially from UK and Germany. Don’t missed out on it come on over folks, you will love it! we do!!!

As always , the tourist office of Quimper in English: Tourist office of Quimper in English

And the very good City of Quimper on heritage here: City of Quimper on heritage in English

Enjoy Quimper as much as we do,and if in town hollow we will love to meet you in this wonderful city and show you around.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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