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August 17, 2019

Once again Cathedral St Corentin at Quimper!

And yes once again I have to tell you the latest about the Cathedral Saint Corentin in beautiful Quimper of dept 29 Finistére of my lovely Bretagne! This is a place about an hour from me and love to come but with so much to see sometimes there is a space of time in between.

This time again was not meant to stop by as was in my road warrior campaign in the Finistére visiting new places (see previous posts). And all of a sudden we were ready to go back home, and I say nooo we have more time so on the way back we stop by Quimper, voilà c’est fait!

And of course, the must visit place here is the wonderful beautiful Cathedral Saint Corentin at Place Saint Corentin! As have written on it before and do not want to duplicate things, here is my last post on it in my blog here:

My post on the Cathedral Saint Corentin of Quimper




Let me tell you a bit more on this jewel that again is a must to see while in France let alone Bretagne! 

Welcome to the magnificent Cathedral Saint Corentin of Quimper! It is a house where God loves to welcome and gather men. The Cathedral is under the patronage of Notre Dame (Our Lady) and its first Bishop Saint Corentin. Tradition reports that in testimony of faith, he chose the green martyrdom, hermitical loneliness on the uncultivated slopes of Ménez Hom. The Eucharist ensured his sustenance. What symbolically represents the legendary story: every day he took a part of the fish from the fountain and he found it intact the next day. The same Latin life story reports that Gradlon, king of these lands, came to beg him to be the pastor of his city, Kemper (Quimper in French Kemper in Breton) at the confluence of Odet and Steir rivers, making him one of the founders of the dioceses of Brittany between the 5C and the 7C.



You can see between the arrows, the equestrian statue of the legendary king Gradlon watching over the inhabitants. After fleeing his town of Ys, engulfed by the escapades of his daughter Dahut, he made Quimper his new capital.

Its construction spanned nearly six centuries, with a serious break of almost 400 years. Begun in 1239, it is in the middle of the 19C that it will be definitively completed by the realization of the two striking arrows. One of the peculiarities of Saint-Corentin Cathedral is the difference of orientation between the nave and the choir. Two hypotheses are advanced to explain this particularity: the first says that the choir follows the inclination of Christ’s head on the cross while the other, more prosaic, reports difficulties encountered during the work as the Cathedral being built on the foundations of an old Romanesque cathedral and the soil, in this place, was marshy because of the proximity of the Odet river. The windows, as for them, were put in place between 1417 and 1419.



Some webpages as usual by me to help you plan your trip here are

City of Quimper on the Cathedral St Corentin

Tourist office of Quimper on the Cathedral St Corentin

Come and behold its beauty, it will dazzle you for sure. We love it and come several times over the years here. Enjoy once again the Cathedral Saint Corentin of Quimper in the Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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