St Goazec in the Finistére breton!

So here I am already in my vacation and before i take off for the Loire and  Spain (more later) I am indulging myself in some new territories of my lovely Bretagne. As said before, so much to see here, and the old saying is know your country before you know the world… I am doing that one at a time.

I decided to travel with the boys to Saint Goazec in the Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne, just less than an hour from me! And behold, there are beauties to see here. I will try to bring you up to date on the town in a couple posts; bear with me please.

Saint-Goazec  is a town cut off by the Aulne river that splits it from Châteauneuf-du-Faou (more on it later) , and the town is 30 km from Quimper and 58 km from Brest. The  castle of Trévarez is located  just outside (more later).

During the French revolution, the Trévoazec estate passed into the hands of Antoine-Henry d’Amphernet of Pontbellanger, a Chouan chief who died in 1796 in Médréac after being ambushed by soldiers of General Hoche (native of Versailles and gen of the armies of the west) ; he had been denounced by his wife, the Marquise Louise Bot du Grego, who was the mistress of General Hoche. The   Republican revolutionaries blues, in recognition of the services she gave them, razed the church of Trégoazec, but left intact her lands and her manor of Trévarez. The canal from Nantes to Brest with the Voaquer lock and its salmon and trout ladder, which allows them to climb the course of the Aulne to spawn. The parish Church of St. Pierre, built in 1896. The Calvary and his Madonna and Child, alas mutilated, dates from the 15C.

The construction of the Church of Saint-Pierre took place from 1894 to 1896. It is a church in the shape of a Latin cross formed of 3 naves with 3 bays. The shell, in shale rubble, is partially coated. The frames of the bays are cut granite. It is covered with paneling painted blue. The arch is painted in ochre and yellow. The transept has a polygonal choir lit by 3 stained glass windows: The central stained glass dates from 1593 and represents The Passion. The Church St Pierre houses the statues of the Virgin Mother, Saint Goazec, Saint Peter and Saint Herbert.

City of Saint Goazec on the Church

st goazec

st goazec

st goazec

Another curiosity that i can add to this post is the Château de Kervoazec which is a private property but I was able to arrive just to it. It is now rented for special events such as wedding and can be rented as lodging B&B. Very interesting if you like castles like me to see it. The property is just outside of main city center on the road D36 before reaching St Goazec.

st goazec

The Château de Kervoazec was built around 1860, on the site of the ancient village of Tregoazec by Louis Monjaret de Kerjégu, deputy and general counselor of Finistère who practiced there raising horses and creating a farm-school , that allows young girls in the country to work so that they can live in their area. The embroiderers made Breton lace: headdresses, collars, etc. Thirty young girls were working there in 1928 the workshop is annexed to the school. In 1930 the decline in orders led to a decrease in the number of embroiderers and by 1939 only 22 workers were left; in 1946 the workroom was closed. His daughter Anne Monjaret de Kerjégu married Count Eudes de Rouvroy of Saint-Simon, mayor of Saint-Goazec between 1919 and 1929, nephew of Claude Henri de Rouvroy, count of Saint Simon , founder of Saint-Simon, who made him build Ker Maunoir, a pretty house at the end of the park for his daughter. From 1932, after the death of Eudes de Rouvroy of Saint-Simon, the castle, then called castle of Saint-Simon became the property of Pierre de Foucault, Baron de Tournebu, because of his marriage with Genevieve de Rouvroy de Saint-Simon, daughter of Eudes de Rouvroy de Saint-Simon, who opened a lace workstation there between 1916 to 1928. A man of the 19C, a supporter of the French Action ( a French far right monarchist political movement)   which he presides the local group, he organized important political meetings in which participated in particular Leon Daudet and many Camelots of the king. The castle was occupied by the Nazi army from May 1944 and served as a gathering center for the children of Brest. The current park is only 8 ha, the rest having been gradually sold in the 1950s. Since 2014, the Castle of Kervozec offers hotel rentals all year round, dining rooms rentals etc.

Official Chateau de Kervoazec

st goazec

st goazec

This is an introduction to the town of Saint Goazec, another post to follow shortly. Enjoy it ,this is the backwoods of my belle France in lovely Bretagne, off the beaten path and the beauty to be in real French country. Family and friends tells me I am lucky and I am beginning to believe it !!! For now enjoy Saint Goazec in the Finistére breton.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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