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August 14, 2019

Château Turpault in Quiberon!

Well been a beach resort and playground of all, you would not guess it has a castle, it does. However, before you get excited to come dont bother as it is private! Nevertheless, it is a city icon and one we see each time we approach Quiberon by the côte sauvage along the ocean or wild coast!

As for the marquee and to not missed seeing while in town, we all go to see it locals and tourist alike, so jot it down to see when in town, remember Château Turpault in Quiberon. Here is something more on it. Enjoy it as we do.

We like to come by the ocean side for its wonderful views and riding along the ocean is a super adreline for me anyway. Once at the city limit you see the  Castle of Turpault, very nice out into the sea just before entering Quiberon.


Since 1967, the then owners the , Richards lived there well. For proof: when Johnny Hallyday and his young wife Laeticia knocked on their door in the hope of acquiring the premises, they received a categorical refusal.


The Château Turpault in Quiberon was last sold in 2014. The buyers succumbed to the charms of this manor of the early 20C on a stormy day. Its very particular silhouette, the focus of many photographers, marks the entrance to the côte sauvage or wild coast at Quiberon. Located on the Pointe de Beg er Lann or pointe de la Lande, the castle of Turpault has an  Anglo-Medieval-style mansion was built in 1904 by Georges Turpault, a spinner from Cholet, who christened it the Castle de la mer or the sea. It was then renamed Château Turpault by the local Quiberon folks. The castle of 500 m2 of living space is located in the center of a park of nearly 5000 m2.

The Castle of Turpault is like the emblem of the city. On stormy days, the waves crash on the windows of the third floor. The sand rushes into the living room. A fantastic home, evoking the Middle Ages and English-influenced period. Open on all the wild coast, it is a pure jewel whose architecture must be appreciated and at the foot of which it is necessary to come to admire the view of the point of Beg-er-Lann to which it adds a little majesty and a fantastic tone. You cannot get close to the castle as it remains a private property, but it is enough to admire the beauty and be hypnotized by the atmosphere it gives off. Indeed it does!!!

The movie “Martin Soldier“, with Robert Hirsch, and several German films were shot here!. Fittingly, from 1940 to 1945, the property served as a staff for the Nazis. It is fortified and all windows are walled. It will come out very damaged. Today, two bunkers bear witness to this era: one at the rear left of the castle and the other at the front of the property, camouflaged under the lawn. The sites of the old machine gun turrets, still visible all around the building, serve today happily as flower boxes.

More on Quiberon here: Tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on things to do

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Not much else as again it is a private property however, you can come very close to it and have a souvenir photo as well as marvel of its architecture and see the bunkers. There is parking very near before entering the city so easy walk to it; enjoy it !! The Château de Turpault is indeed an icon of Quiberon!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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