Châtillon Chocolats at Pleyben!

As I have done several posts on my favorite family memorable restaurants of my travel history (some), I have done some on food and delicacies of my belle France. Well how about my beautiful Bretagne/Brittany! This is a must while in the region.

I like to tell you an off the beaten path chocolates to marvel your senses and once again proves that France is a movable feast! Let me tell you a bit about the Châtillon chocolates of Pleyben in the Finistére dept 29 of my beautiful Bretagne.


However, another marvel to come here is the maître chocolatier Michel Chatillon. He has his production, making, tastings and presentation at the same spot right across diagonally from the parish Calvary ensemble. This is chocolate, fruit pate, candies, cider, and gifts but chocolates and especially the Florentins are to come here for it. The official site is here: Official Châtillon chocolat of Pleyben


The chocolate Châtillon continue a long tradition. It was in Switzerland that the owner went  in for a couple years , he perfected himself in the knowledge of chocolate and the artistic side of the trade at a school in Basel. After these years in Switzerland and eager to fly on his own, Michel Chatillon returns to Brittany and settles in Brest in 1965 without a penny in his pocket. After successfully repaying his first loans, he opened several stores between Brest and Quimper. In 1992, Michel Chatillon decided to abandon Brest to join Pleyben, Finistére dept 29. Already present in Japan, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, England or Denmark, the chocolate Chatillon does not want to stop there. Just a step away from the extraordinary parish enclosure of Pleyben, with an entry which must not exceed 100 meters of width, wedged between two houses, the company Châtillon does not play the grandeur, it is clear. His delicious Florentins is the flagship product, exclusive, invented by Michel Châtillon himself. This delicious almond cakes melted in chocolate-covered caramel is divine,indeed. Our favorites we died for it. Try it!!!


A bit of a tour of Châtillon chocolats!

Upon entering and while the audience contemplates the work, an audio tape explains the making. The steps are clearly numbered in the visit. The viewer is engrossed in the work of the pastry-cook, who stuffs the stepped plates on trolleys slid into a kiln larger than himself. Once this short but instructive visit is over, the group heads to a small room where the story of Châtillon chocolate will be projected. Exotic images of cocoa production in Africa. Industrial with container shipping. Images on the controls at the start and the finish, guaranteeing the quality of the cocoa bean. Transformation in chocolate, passage in the machines of the Châtillon chocolate factory, explanations on the white, black, milk chocolate. In short, you learn, you travel, and necessarily, you salivate of the display. It’s time to go back to the shop before leaving to take home some amazing chocolates especially the Florentins!!


The Finistére tourist office here: Tourist office of Finistere dept 29 on the Chatillon chocolats in French

There you go if you like gourmet foods candies, sugar covered assortments, cider, miel and especially chocolates than this place is for you; simply delicious and next to a wonder of our times the  Calvary of Pleyben(see my post on it). Enjoy the Châtillon chocolates at Pleyben!

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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  1. And who doesn’t like chocolate?

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