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August 8, 2019

Châtillon Chocolats at Pleyben!

As I have done several posts on my favorite family memorable restaurants of my travel history (some), I have done some on food and delicacies of my belle France. Well how about my beautiful Bretagne/Brittany! This is a must while in the region.

I like to tell you an off the beaten path chocolates to marvel your senses and once again proves that France is a movable feast! Let me tell you a bit about the Châtillon chocolates of Pleyben in the Finistére dept 29 of my beautiful Bretagne.


However, another marvel to come here is the maître chocolatier Michel Chatillon. He has his production, making, tastings and presentation at the same spot right across diagonally from the parish Calvary ensemble. This is chocolate, fruit pate, candies, cider, and gifts but chocolates and especially the Florentins are to come here for it. The official site is here: Official Châtillon chocolat of Pleyben


The chocolate Châtillon continue a long tradition. It was in Switzerland that the owner went  in for a couple years , he perfected himself in the knowledge of chocolate and the artistic side of the trade at a school in Basel. After these years in Switzerland and eager to fly on his own, Michel Chatillon returns to Brittany and settles in Brest in 1965 without a penny in his pocket. After successfully repaying his first loans, he opened several stores between Brest and Quimper. In 1992, Michel Chatillon decided to abandon Brest to join Pleyben, Finistére dept 29. Already present in Japan, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, England or Denmark, the chocolate Chatillon does not want to stop there. Just a step away from the extraordinary parish enclosure of Pleyben, with an entry which must not exceed 100 meters of width, wedged between two houses, the company Châtillon does not play the grandeur, it is clear. His delicious Florentins is the flagship product, exclusive, invented by Michel Châtillon himself. This delicious almond cakes melted in chocolate-covered caramel is divine,indeed. Our favorites we died for it. Try it!!!


A bit of a tour of Châtillon chocolats!

Upon entering and while the audience contemplates the work, an audio tape explains the making. The steps are clearly numbered in the visit. The viewer is engrossed in the work of the pastry-cook, who stuffs the stepped plates on trolleys slid into a kiln larger than himself. Once this short but instructive visit is over, the group heads to a small room where the story of Châtillon chocolate will be projected. Exotic images of cocoa production in Africa. Industrial with container shipping. Images on the controls at the start and the finish, guaranteeing the quality of the cocoa bean. Transformation in chocolate, passage in the machines of the Châtillon chocolate factory, explanations on the white, black, milk chocolate. In short, you learn, you travel, and necessarily, you salivate of the display. It’s time to go back to the shop before leaving to take home some amazing chocolates especially the Florentins!!


The Finistére tourist office here: Tourist office of Finistere dept 29 on the Chatillon chocolats in French

There you go if you like gourmet foods candies, sugar covered assortments, cider, miel and especially chocolates than this place is for you; simply delicious and next to a wonder of our times the  Calvary of Pleyben(see my post on it). Enjoy the Châtillon chocolates at Pleyben!

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!



August 8, 2019

Some news from Spain LXXXIII

And as time is approaching to my new annual visit to my beloved Spain, I like to tell you in this post some activities in August!! Yes the month where all go to the beach so they tell you , but many stay behind and lots of goodies I take advantage of again this year

Here are some goodies for August 2019 and I will be in some ::)

The terraces of the Edificio Nouvel building of the Reina Sofía Museum host this summer a film cycle that this year is dedicated to ways of thinking and feeling the city from the neighborhoods. Recovering a popular and transversal cinema, which also includes great milestones of fiction, recent documentaries or historical authors of the  cinema. Neighborhood lives, Cinema and the right to the city seeks to think about neighborhood lives and how they produce, resist and reinvent urban space. August 16 and 17 – La vida en los márgenes , August 24 and 25 – Distopías urbanas,  August 30 and 31  – Fiesta y diferencia. Resistencias lúdicas. At the museum in  Calle Santa Isabel, 52  Terrazas Edificio Nouvel. Metro Estación del Arte (old name Atocha) line 1 , Lavapiés  line 3 .More info here: Reina Sofia Museum summer cinema

The Golden Age is a recurring time for many festivals in Spain, and how could it be less, this summer in Madrid will once again enjoy the Fiesta Corral Cervantes, an event with fun-festive activities suitable for all public. This is already the third edition of this festival of classical theater in the heart of the city, and will feature an extension of the 42nd International Festival of Classical Theater of Almagro. Among the wide theatrical offer that you will find, there are popular works such as El buscón de Francisco de Quevedo, El Perro del Hortelano and La dama boba de Lope de Vega, The medical love of Tirso de Molina, The wise women of Molière, or El lazarillo de Tormes accompanied by flamenco guitar that return after the success of the second edition of the Festival. The dance will also be present in the Saturday night sessions with the show Cervantes dances, while the nights of Thursdays and Fridays are reserved for music with the Golden Music cycle at the Corral. Also, on Friday and Saturday mornings Teatro Corral Cervantes will host the proposals of the different formations that work in the Retiro neighborhood.  At Calle Claudio Moyano, s / n. nearest Metro Atocha Renfe  and Estacion del Arte (old Atocha) line 1. Adults: From € 12.90 (except La lengua en pedazos) Family shows: From € 7.90 at . More info here: Official Corral Cervantes

The Patio Sur (south patio)  of the Conde Duque building recovers its traditional cycle of outdoor summer cinema with an extensive program of films designed for all audiences. Both lovers of the original version to families with children will have an appointment to spend the summer in the city. Program highlights; Monday, August 12: Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto ; Tuesday August 13: Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios; Wednesday August 14  La ley del deseo ; Thursday August 15 : Todo sobre mi madre; Friday August 16 : SING-ALONG® The Rocky Horror Picture Show; Saturday August 17 : SING-ALONG® La llamada; Monday August 19 : La favorita (V.O.S.); Tuesday August 20: Metrópolis; Wednesday August 21: Cómo entrenar a tu dragón 3;  Thursday August 22: Fahrenheit 11/9; Friday August 23: Yesterday ;Saturday August 24 : SING-ALONG® Lo mejor del pop español; Monday August 26 : El cuento de las comadrejas; Tuesday August 27  El ángel;  Wednesday August 28 : Mi vecino Totoro; Thursday August 29  Un día más con vida; Friday August 30 : Mula;  and  Saturday August 31 : SING-ALONG® Lo mejor del pop español.  All this at  Calle Conde Duque, 11.metro Noviciado lines 2, 3 and 10 , Plaza de España  line 2, 3 and 10, San Bernardo  lines 2 and 4, Ventura Rodríguez  line 3. General admission: € 6, Live shows: € 9 , Wednesday (spectator day): € 3. More info here: Official Conde Duque summer cinema

For the sixth consecutive year, the CentroCentro Galeria de Cristal (crystal gallery) once again hosts one of the most anticipated cinematographic, leisure and art offers of the season, with the best national and international cinema, great classics, recent premieres, accompanied by a great gastronomic variety and a program of activities that will complement the projections. The tribute that is paid to the mythical Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox, in August and September you can see the following titles: Two on the road, All that jazz, The Young Frankenstein, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Glass Jungle, Eduardo Manostijeras, The Fight Club and Moulin Rouge! Other essential classic titles, belonging to the Sunday Classics, will be: To be or not to be, The Twilight of the Gods, Singing in the rain, With skirts and the crazy, and Breakfast with diamonds. This at Calle de Montalbán, 1. Metron Banco de Espana line 2 . General admission: € 6, Entrance with consumption: € 12 More info here: CentroCentro Cibeles de Cinema

With the arrival of summer the Outdoor Film Festival, FESCINAL, returns to the city in its 35th edition with a selection of films of all genres and for all types of audiences. Every day, two to four films will be screened between the two screens that make up the double program, being able to choose the film that most appeals and in continuous session. You can enjoy and laugh with classics like El Gordo and El Flaco; dance with West Side Story; being a boy or girl once again with The Lion King, Dumbo, The Lego movie 2 or Aladdin; practice languages ​​with the VOS (original subtitled version) of Sunset, The sisters brothers, Au bout des doigts or Werk onhe author; dream of the X-Men super powers: Dark Phoenix or Captain Marvel; or give it all with the music of Bohemian Rhapsody. All this at Avenida de Valladolid, 4 in the Parque de la Bombilla; Metro Principe Pio lines 6, 10 and Radial  and I’ll be with bus 46!!!! On Friday, Saturday and the eve of holidays: € 6 Sunday to Thursday, except Wednesday: € 5, Wednesday (spectator’s day): € 4, Ticket 10 tickets: € 45, Free: children up to 4 years. More info here:   Official Fescinal in August

I have previously told this but it will continue in August 2019 as all year celebration. The Prado National Museum celebrates its Bicentennial in 2019 and to commemorate it, throughout the year, a special program has been planned that hosts numerous exhibitions and activities related to the museum. A celebration where you will travel and reflect on your history but with your eyes on the future. The presentation:  Prado Museum 1819-2019. A place of memory (Nov 19, 2018 – Mar 10, 2019). A chronological tour, articulated in eight stages, by the history of the museum with the evolution of the institution and how it has been a reflection of the historical evolution of Spain. You know it  Paseo del Prado, s / n.Metro Banco de Espana line 2 or Estacion del Arte line 1 (old Atocha). More info here: Prado museum bicentennial events

On October 17, 1919, a pioneer means of transport was inaugurated in Madrid, such as the Metro! Now 100 years later, with 294 km of network and about to inaugurate its station number 302, the metro has become the fastest, most economical and sustainable way to get around the city, with 626 million travelers a year. Multiple exhibitions such as Historic Trains, and various activities such as the Centennial Race, make up the proposals that Metro carries out for this year of celebration. More info in a beautiful site here: Metro de Madrid Bicentennial

The Community of Madrid commemorates the Year Lorca 2019, dedicated to the universal poet, in the centenary of his arrival in Madrid. Great news will see Federico Garcia Lorca to me the best poet of Spain. A year of art and culture dedicated to the memory of the poet from Granada. There will be numerous conferences, plays, concerts, exhibitions and various cultural activities around the figure of Lorca and this past century. The Sabatini Auditorium, the Spanish Theater, the Historical Auditorium of the Complutense University, the Student Residence, the Royal Post Office and the Theaters of the Canal will witness this International Congress. More info in Spanish here: Comunidad de Madrid on the year of Lorca

Something unique in Royal countries and my Spain is one gladly.  Every Wednesday and Saturday  10-12h you can enjoy at the Puerta del Principe (Prince’s Gate)  of the Palacio Real (royal palace)  the changing of the guard of the Royal Guard. Free entrance.  Again the king does not live here and it is not his property, belonging to the national monument heritage of Spain. The palace sentries two on foot and two on horseback  dressed in gala uniforms – blue, white and red – similar to those used by the Spanish army in the time of king Alfonso XIII, perform a relay every 30 minutes, accompanied by an orphan (piccolo of very acute tone used in the military bands) and a drum that interprets military marches, following the orders and regulatory voices. In addition, every 10 minutes and not coinciding with the relay of the sentinels on foot, the sentinels on horseback move in front of the façade of the palace. You know it a Calle Bailén, s / n Metro Opera lines 2,5 and radial, Plaza de España  lines 2,3 and 10. More info in Spanish official Royal Guards site here: Royal Guard official site on the changing of the guard in Spanish

Claiming culture in every corner of the city, the vitality of public spaces and the possibility that all citizens can participate in the summer cultural events. Veranos de la Villa,  (summers in the city) the summer festival organized by the Madrid City Council, picks up the essence of its three previous summers and presents a new and extensive edition that will expand numerous cultural proposals throughout the city until next September 1. The program offers in 2019,  41 artistic events in 35 different spaces and includes music, dance, theater, circus, zarzuela, cabaret, performance, cinema, astronomy, fashion, fireworks and urban sports, including the hybrids and crosses from which it is enriched The current creation. 90% free access, only 10% of activities are paid but with a maximum price of 15 euros.  More info here in Spanish: Veranos de la Villa of Madrid

Something unique to finish and very Spanish.  An exhibition that links the creation of Cristóbal Balenciaga, the most admired and influential Spanish fashion designer of all time, with the tradition of Spanish painting between the 16C and 20C. Thyssen Museum, Paseo del Prado, 8. Metro Banco de Espana line 2. General admission: € 12. More info here: Thyssen museum on Balenciaga

And there you plenty to see in my Madrid. Hope you can enjoy it as much as I, catch one of this activities this year or next. Enjoy Madrid in Summer!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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