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August 4, 2019

Port du Crouesty in the Rhuys!!!

So let me start by telling you that i have written on the Port du Crouesty , part of the town of Arzon in the Rhuys peninsula on several previous posts in my blog. This is a very nice area of my beautiful Morbihan breton dept 56 of the region of Bretagne. However, this time was there for something different and took some pictures!

As said, this is a very nice place that has gathered a lot of attention specially from boaters but also tourists even from France. In the Morbihan, it is a must to visit. We love it with the family here doing all kinds of activities even tandem bicycle rides from one port to the other!

The reason I am writing again is because one of my former bosses (CFO) from Paris has recently purchase a boat and has it base here. He was so kind to stop by my house early this year and now firmly with the boat here, he nicely invited me over for dinner on the boat! So here I went again to see and eat out at his boat in near the Harbormaster office in Quai G!



The area is very memorable to me and my family so I was able to trade some tips with him and he show me around the installations reserve for boat owners who anchored there. They have full facilities even restroom and showers baby changers and even grocery delivery to their boats as well as a water taxi to take them from one side to the other all included in their wharf fees. The class à la Française!



Let me tell you a bit on the area to bring back some nice memories and help you on your decision to come here, a must I said again!

Arzon is a town located at the end of the presqu’île de Rhuys ( Rhuys peninsula), it is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Morbihan, south by the bay of Quiberon, western part of Mor Braz (the big sea by the Breton just before going out into the Atlantic ocean) , and to the east by the town of Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys.

The town of Arzon has two seaside resorts of very different characters: Port-Navalo, dating from the early 20C (more in my blog) , and Le Crouesty, modern seaside resort, in constant development since the 1970s and until today, built around the largest marina on the Brittany coast.

The port du Crouesty is a marina created in 1973 on the site of a swampy area located at the entrance of the Gulf of Morbihan on the territory of the town of Arzon. Today the marina, which has been expanded recently, can accommodate 1,500 pleasure boats on pontoons making it the largest marina in Bretagne ( Brittany).




As I walk by it and from it I took some additional pictures hopefully different than those before lol! Hope you enjoy them and do visit. Arzon and its Port du Crouesty are a must in the Morbihan. I had a wonderful moment with a dear close friend by now more than an ex boss, and his wife.

Some webpages as usual by me to help you plan your trip here are

The city of Arzon and its port du Crouesty

Tourist office of the gulf of Morbihan on the port du Crouesty

Ports site on port du Crouesty for the boaters aficionados

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!


August 4, 2019

Shopping in Madrid: Sanchez Romero!

Ok so back to my Madrid mood, (always there anyway) , and the idea of having a good meal in my beloved Spain. However, we come for long periods and we love the gastronomy side of it and love to cook; granted we are not experts but just amateurs! One of the thrills of coming to my Madrid is that  I find myself with familiar goodies that have come down from grandparents and parents generations and could not get it or get it right at a restaurant. At that moment, we look for the best and buy , take home and do it ourselves! or just have a nice cup of coffee and bocadillos at a nice place.

This is the place I like to tell you in this post. Supermercados Sanchez Romero; remember the name. This is a chain of not so long back but a must when in Madrid. Glad to be able to visit every year at least once lol!


A bit on who they are:

They were born as a small specialized store in Paseo de La Castellana, which opened, in 1954, by Eduardo Sanchez Romero.  The Supermarkets Sanchez Romero has everything you need for special days from exclusive gourmet products, high-end, national and international, which you will only find in their establishments. But ,they are also your trusted store for everyday purchases, with the best service and the necessary variety of quality and healthy products, so you can go home with all your needs covered. Because,  the everyday can also be extraordinary.  They want you to come to Sanchez Romero to be a source of inspiration that allows you to enjoy cooking and gastronomy in a different way.  They promote the health and healthy nutrition of all their clients, whatever their age, and taking into account the special needs. And, now, also through  their social networks such as  Facebook Sanchez Romero, Twitter Sanchez Romero, and the new blog Alma Gourmet. In short, their new e-shop and a mobile App that will offer you a unique experience will be added to the digital universe.

Some tips from others goers on Spanish sites.

“I think about the cafeteria-restaurant-terrace at the entrance of the establishment, which is a supermarket. The waiters are very attentive and the service is fast. We ate tapas and skewers and everything is reasonably good, at tight prices. The employees of this establishment have a deal towards customers of 11/10. Vegetables and fruits are an investment for me. They are very very good compared to what you find today in others. It deserves to pay its price because, what you eat, you will really know. They have just modernized the store and they have been very beautiful, with a modern touch. You feel at home. “

The above has been our experiences too since 1990 coming here for our needs in Madrid, simply the best, and the cafetería is tops.

And their future reads very well. Supermarkets Sánchez Romero is growing in Madrid with its tenth store in the Salamanca district of Madrid. At the moment they do not plan to expand beyond the community of Madrid. The company has recently launched its online store, which stands out for its wide assortment of products, with more than 7,000 references and a variety of high quality freshness, served in different formats and cuts and maturation.

And my own , latest experience on it last year. We will be back in 2019 again!!!

I am taking you up north along Paseo de la Castellana to lovely Plaza de Castilla (Castile square) in the Chamartin district. This is a huge local transport hub for Madrid and the province as well. It is one of my hangouts in Madrid ,and we love to shop by it, especially the gourmet grocery store of Sanchez Romero (many branches in Madrid) at Paseo de la Castellana 196 not far on right hand side to Plaza de Castilla. Closest metro Plaza de Castilla lines 1,9, and 10 or Cuzco line 10. From Cuzco stay on the right hand side of Castellana and from Plaza de Castilla cross over to your left side and walk down. More info here:

And there you go another dandy in gorgeous Madrid for all your best foods and wines shopping nothing beats Sanchez Romero. See it and then tell me about it ok. Supermercados Sanchez Romero, Madrid!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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