Restaurant: Quimperlé!

And I come back to my area well sort of; this is in neighboring Finistére dep 29 and I am in the Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely region of Brittany. We have cross all over this region by now and numerous opportunities of great meals. However, this one is one of those of wonderful memories with the family.

I like to tell you about the Créperie du Pont Fleurie, 5 rue de l Elle in Quimperlé!


The bit of history here is the Pont Fleurie, or flowery bridge,  crosses the river Ellé at the level of the place Lovignon ,and was  until 1643 the only means of access to Quimperlé from the east.  It has been renovated by the 15C and the central arches done after the flooding of 1746 . The bridge was guarded by two towers on heavy thick walls surrounding the lower city or basse ville opening out with three portes or doors following to roads , Vannes-Quimper and Quimperlé-Carhaix. The ramparts were done between  1250 and 1270, became in ruins after the war of the 100 years and were erased for good by 1680.  The granite blocks salvage were then used to built the quai Brizeux bordering the river  Laïta. the bridge inspired several painters from the 19C on, and one  Théa collection of songs collected, words and music, in the Breton langauge, written by Théodore Hersart de la Villemarque , wrote  Barzas-Breiz (= poems of Brittany ,which is a collection of songs , words and music, in the Breton part of Brittany in the 19C)  has a statue there by the pont and square.


The story is that as usual we arrive by car and set on foot to discovered the town. Having had lunch in  a couple other places ,this one we were looking at the Church Sainte Croix (holy cross) and saw it, went in without reservations and was warmly welcome. The first time my dear late wife Martine love the fact the owner server offered to serve more slices for the same price! We keep wonderful souvenirs of this and have come back again.

And it was here that we had lunch , at least a couple times , the Créperie du Pont Fleurie. We come here for the pizzas cochonne with the local andouille sausage and potatoes, and cheese huge really for two persons, and the owner ask you if you want more !!! my boys have a ball, they always said yes lol! The banana splits, coffee, and bottles of cider Patrick Gourlay local fermier just great! must be back again ,must you visit them . The service was prompt and very friendly ,we spoked with servers and owner all nice.



The local reviews are the same. Nice home, nice little restaurant. A menu that combines galettes, crêpes and pizzas. A very nice place !! You can tell the boss loves his/her job for sure! It is rare to this date !! So blameless kitchen very good for the money !!! Family atmosphere I love it !! I highly recommend this little creperie where you can eat succulent meats!


Their webpage is Créperie du Pont Fleurie at Quimperlé

Tourist office of Quimperlé on the Pont Fleurie

Another gem in my lovely Brittany, hope you can enjoy it as we do. This is in lovely Quimperlé in the Finistére dept 29!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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