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August 3, 2019

My travels in the Morbihan, LXXV

So here I am on a bright sunny Saturday with temps of 25C or 77F very hot for our sun rays and a huge beach day. The traffic pros were saying today was a red going and a black coming back from vacation periods here which is huge this month. Well they were not wrong in my neck of the woods.

More than ever at least since the 8 years already living in the Morbihan breton dept 56 of the Region of Bretagne in my belle France.  For those new to the blog I am on my close to 17 years in France (French citizen for 20) . I went out with the boys by car as usual to do my errands of an everyday citizen.

I told the boys lets try to reach Quiberon which is a beautiful peninsula/isthmus that I have written plenty on it in my blog . The traffic jams were so bad they went all the way to the expressway N165! Needless to say we needed to turn around.  I try to get around it by Locmariaquer but there too with market day the place was packed with no parking and folks finding parking way out of city center to walk in! Never seen it like this either.

We have the usual British, and German tourists and some from Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain etc and those from all over France as Bretagne is the 3rd most visited region of France! However, this start of August is huge, never seen it this busy and crowded, do not know why!

Let me tell you our brief day! As we started out going to our Castorama store in Vannes as the handle of our lawnmower arrived, and they call us. So we went and they fix it on the spot! For this we needed to do a round trip as the trunk of our car was full! I have written on the store before so for now this is their webpage: Official Castorama Vannes

We, then decided to try what I mentioned above to no avail. We got into downtown/city center Locmariaquer and saw it crowded too but we took a peek of their market always a wonderful place to be  but today too crowded for us. City of Locmariaquer with its heritage in French


We headed back to Vannes and feeling a bit hungry we decided to give a try at the ice creams of Flunch, Le Glacier in the centre commercial Leclerc. We had our sandwich menu , for me tuna sandwich, big chocolate cookie, 33cl Orangina soda, and a banana split ice cream, similar for the boys all for less than 10 euros per person! Restaurant Flunch at CC Leclerc Vannes


After the above, we were ready to do our main groceries at E Leclerc hypermarket; where we buy our misc items and sometimes meats. It was packed too but not overwhelming so we were able to finish quickly and head back home! E Leclerc hypermarket of Vannes


Now at home we are again reviewing our must see while in Spain end of month. There is so much I want to see never enough time but we will make our best run for my beloved Madrid.

And of course, what to do on Sundays! Stay tune…..Oh I am also trying to get early retirement from my management functions and probably can do so by end of 2019 together with continuing as an outside independent consultant___finance issues! Stay tune for this too lol!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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