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August 2, 2019

Restaurant: Fontainebleau!

And onwards with my tour of memorable restaurants and what is coming to France without going to them! Culinary and wine capital of the world!!! This one is short and sassy but lots of good souvenirs.

If you have read my blog , I will cut it short. Fontainebleau is in dept 77 Seine-et-Marne the region of ïle de France. The department 77 is the native dept of my dear late wife Martine. I came here early since 1990, and never stop, I am friend of the castle.

Obviously, this is very close to family and good for same day visits, so not too many eating adventures here, and even one is already closed. However, the Le Délice Impérial is a classic there and a must to go eat.

Au Délice Impérial at 1 rue Grande, Fontainebleau. At the corner of rue Grande and rue de France, the superb stall of pastries can not escape the eyes. It must be said that three pastry chefs officiate every day in this house founded in 1889 for our greatest happiness. The house offers on-site catering, but also takeaway.


I have been there a couple of times , and the last one in town all day, we ate again at the Le Délice Imperial. They have a huge dessert center where 3 pastry chefs change each day the menu. At the side of the restaurant, they is a small fast food place for sandwiches etc, and you can take home too. We had several beers, coffees, two desserts for each, milk shake, tagliatelle bolognaise, burger dish, and 3 roasted pork dishes, all delicious. Worth the detour when taking time to see the Château de Fontainebleau walking distance to it.

More info on the restaurant: Tourist office of Fontainebleau on the Au Délice Impérial

Hope you enjoy it as we did/do and have a great time in a wonderful city with a hugely important castle, Fontainebleau.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


August 2, 2019

Restaurant: Vannes!

Ok so we continue shall we? After all, not others but for me, gastronomy and wines and France is simply the best. And if you read my blog you know where I have been and what credentials I have on wines. Anyway, let me give you a off the beaten path beauty to salivate your best desires.

This is in my capital city of Vannes, and the district of Saint Patern, the oldest part, and less frequented by visitors who usually stay around the Le Port and the Cathedral area of old town. However, you need to come up higher …. best way from the ramparts take rue Francis Decker, that runs alongside them, and take a right at Rue Alain le Grand ,and then left at Rue de la Fontaine go up and just in front of the Church of Saint Patern on your left hand side is the Le Gavroche restaurant! Ok go for it!!!

Exactly ,Le Gavroche,  17 Rue de la Fontaine, Vannes, don’t leave the city without eating here ok.


We walk around looking for a restaurant in the Saint Patern district of Vannes. In our walking tour of a city and this one is our Capital in the Morbihan, we came upon this picturesque restaurant. We went inside and voilà a friendly conversation right away with my dear late wife Martine and the owner of Le Gavroche. We came to know them well and even provided us with some contact to paint our house the same way as the restaurant sort of…. Using the same local painter!! Needless to tell you we have come here several times even for anniversaries of our family. We love it ,and hope you do too! The very warm welcome, which is becoming rare nowadays , the attention of the waitresses and the owner throughout the meal. All the way eaten out in France was meant to be. Highly recommended.


Smiling welcome, aperitifs with or without alcohol (cocktails) very good, a corner apart so as not to disturb other customers. Very good dishes overall. small “shotgun”  digéstif of rum and sweet liquors like vanilla are arranged and offered by the house.


We prefer to warn you, you risk immediately fall in love with this restaurant in which you warmly welcome Chantal, Francis (the owners)  and a young team of Le Gavroche. It goes without saying that here everything is fresh, traditional cuisine is simmered beautifully .Discover: the superb collection of rum bottles arranged!! The shotgun!!!

Official Le Gavroche restaurant at Vannes

Yelp reviews of Le Gavroche at Vannes


PS. Le Gavroche is news vendor urchin with a beret like hat.  A fictional character in the 1862 novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. He is a boy who lives on the streets of Paris!

There you go something off the beaten path in my lovely old Vannes of my Morbihan breton. Hope you enjoy the find and treated kindly! Le Gavroche is really a nice place to be in Vannes.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!





August 2, 2019

Restaurant: Auray at St Goustan!

So taking you back closer to home and the historic wonderful Auray of my lovely Morbihan 56 in beautiful Brittany. This is even better at the wonderful district or lower town of Saint Goustan, a port!

I like to tell you about one I have mentioned in previous posts several times but it is worth mentioning on a single post. AS we lived close to Saint Goustan when we first entered the Morbihan and Brittany we took our weekend road warrior spirit to check out the area. While coming to Saint Goustan we felled in love with the place and spent time on it. Moving up from the Place Saint Sauveur we came upon a hilly cobblestone street and voilà we found the Créperie Saint Sauveur!


The owners husband and wife were very friendly welcoming us to the area talking about everything with us. We came to know them well and now with two little kids in tow the wife spends more time at home and the husband in charge with staff help. We come across them several times while doing our groceries in the market or hypermarket!

I have taken my French family here and visiting friends and all came out with the same good feelings of the place which of course I highly recommend to all! The Créperie Saint Sauveur is at  6 Rue Saint-Sauveur,  Auray (however it is in the lower town in the port district of Saint Goustan).

Official page of the Creperie Saint Sauveur in Saint Goustan


A bit of a unbiased description. The place really offers a very nice welcome, the products are fresh, of local quality and the dishes are succulent.  An efficient staff, very welcoming and really friendly (waiters and cook)! Excellent crepes all home made from Breton hands of very good quality used for their preparation. Original recipes from dish to dessert . All this for a very correct addition!


In an old house of historic appearance in the district of the port of Saint-Goustan,  in a warm and complicit atmosphere. The plates are simple and return with kindness the classics of the genre, which will be appreciated at competitive prices. Dynamics personnel and owners. A must to visit!

Yelp reviews on the Creperie Saint Sauveur


You will do good to come here when in the area, the Créperie Saint Sauveur has grown in popularity thanks to its good local products, great making of the owners and their friendly open attention to all. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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