Restaurant: Koblenz!

So just a memorable stop and like to fix it here in my blog for future reference and maybe can help other travelers. We came to Germany several times usually for in and out trips to the Trier area for many years. For one, we came to sightsee the country as much as possible with our car ,and we rented a house in the south of Trier.

From this house in the wine country (have other posts on it) we road warrior Germany into many places. One that I have heard and finally visited was Koblenz,and it was a hit with the family. We walked all over but the most memorabla one was the point of the Moselle and the Eck on a grand beautiful promenade. While there we got hungry!

Where to go already there well we came to discover the Eiscafe am deutschen Eck,  and we love it.

They had good sausages and beers to boot a long afternoon like we did not wanted to leave; and great ice creams as well!! My dear late wife Martine really enjoy the ice cream! Definitely we will look for it again if still open…..


We came on our road warrior trip to Germany from south of Trier, and walking the crossroads of the Moselle river and the Eck with beautiful views. The food, the ice cream, cafe and beer were very good. The staff is very friendly and courteous. I like to spend my free time and always come back here. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace on a very nice spot in the Deutsche Eck or German corner.


I read in Yelp the place has closed, but in German sites that I translated did not read anything about it, pity if it has closed. Perhaps some readers can confirm to me here.

This is their webpage but cannot open it ? Official Eiscafe am Deutchen Eck

So will post it here and put the photos just for the memories of our family. I am sure they have something different there now and the spot is ideal for a walk and the monuments around as written in previous posts.  The Eiscafe am Deutchen Eck was very nice and we will keep the memories; in all enjoy Koblenz!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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