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July 25, 2019

Restaurant: Mont Saint Michel!

So here I go with my restaurant rounds of my belle France. This time take you to a difficult place as it is nowdays very touristic, no 1 visited site in Normandy!! So pricey me think. However, I am doing my nostalgic runs as where we had fun with my family so this one fits in well.

We have come to the mount a couple of times, and my boys have come even on school trips and we have tasted the famous! However, the La Vielle Auberge was unique. We were not looking for anything nor had reservations, just walking up and down the mount until hunger sets in and we look for a place to eat.

Behold we passed by the La Veille Auberge and saw a quant decoration old world tables set up as a restaurant and we decided to came in, little did we know the auberge is also a fine hotel (not always are both). Oh yes yes of course, this is inside the Mont Saint Michel! So therefore, let me tell you a bit more on it ok

mont saint michel

The La Vielle Auberge or Old Inn, at  GrandRue-Intra Muros, Mont-Saint-Michel. This is a very nice hotel but we came for the restaurant! Again, they are best known for the hotel. Our memories are that we did not know when we were there,it was a hotel!  and we came across them because of the nice rustic views  in the restaurant. The atmosphere was very nice old, good service, food ok as it is a major tourist site, no 1 in Normandy!

Mont saint michel

Mont Saint Michel

If you are planning to spend a magical stay, near the famous Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, tradition perpetuated the welcome of pilgrims, terrace overlooking the ramparts and overlooking the bay of Mont Saint-Michel , in a house listed as a historical monument, with 11 rooms with unique decoration. And, also, close for you to see other towns if with a car as the hotel is about  24 km from Avranches, 49 km from Cancale, and  Dol-de-Bretagne is 30 km away.

Mont saint michel

The thing that made us come in is the charming  brasserie with a terrace where you can enjoy simple and good dishes with idyllic views of the spire overlooking the Abbey as well as the bay of Mont Saint Michel from the terrace. Enjoy regional dishes with seafood, buckwheat pancakes and omelets.We had a wonderful service  nice and prompt , the prices we control with a main dish, bottle of rose wine, extra dishes of fries, and coffee expresso, I had the menu at 18€ with salad entrée, steak =entrecote, fries and a tarte normande or apple pie that was the best of it all. All came out to 23.40€ per person.  The anecdote here is that my dear late wife Martine completely change the menu on the omelets with more onions and less peppers and they oblige! All served very quickly during a beautiful evening on the terrace. In short, we must be not able to find much worse on the Mount !!!

Mont saint michel

Some webpages as usual by me to help you plan your trip here are

Official La Vielle Auberge on the restaurant

Tourist office of Mont Saint Michel on restaurants see La Vielle Auberge

There you go another dandy right up on the Mont Saint Michel with the best views of the bay lovely terrace ,and decent food at still affordable prices, enjoy the La Vielle Auberge!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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