Restaurant: Villaines la Gonais, A11!

So here I am telling you now to eat at a expressway restaurant lol! Well in my belle France we have everything and some amazing places ! In my road warrior trips I have come to know many but this one somehow comes up memorable. Let me tell you a bit on it ok.

We like to drive and it shows , all over, the best way to reach two points in my opinion. And we do it the old fashion way avoiding tolls (or taxes!) but sometimes we can’t avoid the pesky charges for reason of rapidity or simple less tiring and or both. So we have taken the A11 highway/motorway/expressway to reach Paris and beyond from my Brittany.  While doing this we could not wait to reach destination and eat so we stop at a rest stop or Aire!  And yes, we have found a gem as well!

A bit on the town by the rest area I am mentioning here.

Villaines-la-Gonais  is located in the department of Sarthe no 72 in the Pays de la Loire region The rural town forms between the Huisne and the Queune Creek a triangle of 1,000 ha once crossed by a Roman road, then a Royal road, then the N 23 and today the A11 highway/ motorway  bordering the town. Villaines la Gonais has less than 600 inhabitants. The two significant monuments here are   St. Hilary’s Church which houses a 15C baptismal fonts and the Château de Beauchamps. (private) Le Brame du Cerf walks with the deers of 4 km is a local event.


City of Villaines la Gonais in its history in FRench

Tourist office of the dept 72 Sarthe on useful info

The rest area or Aire of Villaines-la-Gonais on the A11 direction Le Mans- Paris. In a single building, very bright, hosts the Italian restaurant Stratto, the shop, the relaxation areas and children’s games, the toilets… etc It is equipped with a playground, gas/fuel, showers, baby space, parking PL, inflating station, buffet, shop/boutique and also an ENI Café.

Villaines la Gonais

It was a dire stop as my gang was claiming my head if I did not stop, been a long distance driver but anyway they always won ! ! ! I stopped and was surprise and we had a great family meal rest time, good for the souvenirs of always.

Villaines la Gonais

I know especially Stratto Restaurant in Paris at 49 bd Saint Michel but was surprise to find a franchise version on the highway A11. There are many choices, everything is appetizing if you like Italian specialties. The welcome was nice. I was served quickly. In Stratto, it’s an Italian concept with paninis, pizza and pasta. People will also be able to come and eat a steak if they wish.

Official Stratto Restaurant of Villaines La Gonais

Villaines la Gonais

And a bit more on the A11 expressway with tolls but you know the N12 goes along for free too ::)

The A11 highway/motorway or expressway as you wish is from Paris to Nantes via Le Mans and Angers, the road takes you from the most beautiful forests of the Sarthe (dept 72) to the unforgettable beaches of the Loire Atlantique (dept 44).Also known as the Océane or ocean road, the A11 offers a connection with many highways at Le Mans, a real tourist hub. The A11, which belongs to the European routes E50, E60 and E501, directly serves the cities of Chartres, Le Mans, Angers and Nantes, and, via A81, Laval, Rennes, and all other Breton cities. It is 343 km long between greenery and must-see cultural sites to discover. Enjoy it.

And now you have a nice ride on the roads of France, and the A11 even with tolls is very good indeed. And if passing by it by all means stop on this rest stop at Villaines la Gonais on your way to Paris ok.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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