Passage du Nord, Brussels!

I told you that we have come to Belgium and especially Brussels lots of time over the years and it is one of our favorite cities here. One can only think of beers, mussels/fries, and the many monuments of great historical and architectural value. However, we ;also,  come here for the chocolates.

Looking for them we end up finding beauties that we have remember for years and many times go back to them. One particular place is the Passage du Nord or the North passage, a shopping center of old world charm and the recipient of a Neuhaus chocolate store!


Let me tell you a bit on it ok.

The Passage du Nord was built in 1881-1882 following the vaulting of the Senne river and the creation of the Boulevards du Centre. The Passage du Nord (North Passage) is a shopping mall that connects Bd Adolphe Max to Rue Neuve. It was born at the beginning of Bd Adolphe Max between the Place de Brouckère and the Maison des Chats (House of Cats).

In 1865, King Leopold II vowed that Brussels would succeed in getting rid of this cloaca called the Senne before the end of his reign. In October 1865, the municipal council of the city of Brussels adopted a project to remove the secondary arms of the river, to rectify the winding course of its main arm and to vault it between the train station du Midi and the north of the city. This is how the boulevards of the center ,originally named Boulevard du Hainaut, Central, Nord and La Senne and later renamed Boulevard Lemonnier, Anspach, Max and Jacqmain.

It was in this context that in 1881-1882 a shopping mall called Passage du Nord was designed to connect the Bd du Nord(later Bd Adolphe Max) and Rue Neuve. The Passage du Nord continues the tradition of covered shopping streets established in Brussels in the 19C.

Official webpage of the Passage du Nord shopping center

As said , we mainly came looking for it as we saw in a brochure the chocolatier Neuhaus , who is one of the best in the world and in Belgium for more than 160 years. We were not disappointed lol! We love chocolates to die for them! And we agree the best are the Belgians.

The Neuhaus chocolate store here is at: Official Neuhaus chocolates at passage du nord

Even thus,can only find it in French will give you the site of the Heritage Brussels on the information of the Passage du Nord, a memorable building that I was lucky enouth to find it and come back with the family as well. Hope you enjoy it as we did/do.

Heritage Brussels on the Passage du Nord

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. good one …

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  2. Was there for Le Grand Depart

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  3. Have never been to Brussels or anywhere in Belgium. Hopefully soon. This looks like a great stop!

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