Some news from France, CCXL!

So here I am back with my regular post of Some news from France! and we have sunny nice temps so far at 23C or 75F in my neck of the woods, and similiar in Paris. However, wait , here is more!

Heatwave Act II! (Canicule!) It will be necessary to cope with temperatures reaching 38 to 40 ‘C over a large part of France  between next Tuesday and Thursday, alert Météo France which has already placed for this Monday (today) 21 departments of the southwest quarter, as well as the Rhône, Isère, Drôme and Ardèche , on orange alertness. There are now 73 departments affected by water restrictions, 26 of which are placed in a “crisis” situation. So now visitors save water! Again we are in a peninsula off the Atlantic ocean so always more mild even predicting 35C /95F for tomorrow lol!

The 2nd edition of the Paris Paradis festival. Paris Paradis from September 27-29 at the Auteuil Racecourse, Jockey Disque, a party venue set in a country setting that is both country and surprising at the Auteuil racecourse in the 16éme arrondissemnet of Paris. The festival slogan, which aims to put more green in the grey: “the city is beautiful”. To be convinced, there will be plenty of opportunities between conferences, fun workshops, unusual walks, street shows and other original animations. An enhanced  line-up of free high-flying concerts on Friday and Saturday nights. And comedy shows bringing together the cream of the new tricolor stage all day Sunday.  More info here:

Tengah, the Malay tapir of the Jardin des Plantes got a quiet pace. A walker’s step, the tip of his mini-trumpet gently stirring and the ears straight. So chic, so align  in her perfectly symmetrical two-tone body, which gives a little Chanel style to her good belly of tapirs, a species close to both horses and rhinos. Tengah is a tapir from Malaysia, an animal of which only about 2,000 specimens remain in the wild and 200 in zoos around the world.  Sponsor an animal from the Menagerie, which is home to more than 1,200 animals from 180 species, some of which are threatened with extinction. The Museum invites the public to contribute to the improvement of the well-being of its residents by sponsoring animals!  A magical place you can walk  in the 11 gardens that together form the Jardin des Plantes of the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN): alpine garden, rose garden, garden of irises and perennials, peonies, rocks, ecological garden, school of botany… free, daily from 7h30. to 20h Dive as well  into the exhibition event of the Great Gallery of Evolution, “Oceans, an unusual dive” every day from 10h. to 18h.,Access 36 Rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, in the wonderful 5éme arrondissement of Paris. More info here: Official Jardin des Plantes Paris

Save and preserve always a good deed in my belle France. The story is gradually revealed at the Château de Montagu  in the town of  Marcoussis in dept 91 Essonne  Built at the beginning of the 15C at the initiative of Jean de Montagu, the superintendent of finance of King Charles VI of France, this castle, razed almost entirely after the French revolution, was probably not erected here by chance. In any case, this is what is currently being demonstrated by less expert hands from Poland, the Czech Republic and France. They met until the end of last week for an international volunteer project organized by the Rempart Union and as part of the European Erasmus program. Their objective: to reveal the remains of one of the towers of the building on which Montagu Castle was built.   Patrick Bourgueil, president of the Marcoussis Historical Association (AHM). The latter has been mobilizing for three decades around the defense and enhancement of this historical heritage. Bravo, chapeau!!! The association Remparts Union  here:

The Historical Association Marcoussis here:

And more actions to preserve the past and learn for the future.

At the Bergerie Nationale of Rambouillet ( Sheep farm), located near the castle. There one of fourteen French, Afghan and Pakistani teenagers who have decided to devote part of their summer to restoring the building. At the entrance to the barn, there are many stones missing in the frame of the wall window.  This is an effort of the Rempart Association.. More info here:

The Bergerie Nationale info here:

Also, at Pontpoint (Oise dept 60 region Hauts de France) at the Royal Abbey of Moncel , the youth yard always attracts young people from all over the world put themselves in the skins of builders during a stay and help renovated it!. More info here:

And the foodie always comes back to Paris!

The creators of la Bellevilloise ,20éme, open on this past July 18, Poinçon , a space of sharing and creation explosive in an ex train station of the Petite Ceinture. Rehabilitated on an area of 400 m2 interior and 250 m2 of terrace, the old station is transformed into a particularly warm contemporary space. It must be said that the place benefits from large windows with a height of 6 meters bathing the main room of light. This is also the central meeting point: At the top, towards the mezzanine which rotates an eclectic selection of pieces on speakers with a 1970’s design. Funk, soul or jazz: the music is managed by DJ’s guests of Poinçon. Open to travellers in the 19C, the Montrouge-Petite Ceinture station was part of the first rail network in Paris before being permanently closed in 1934, competing with the metro. Poinçon  made in a ticket to show it has been used. Located at 124 Avenue du General Leclerc, 19éme. Opened  last July 18, 2019. Open daily from 9h , except Monday and   Tél.+33 (0) 1 56 08 16 69. More info here:

The City of Paris awarded its first “Grand Prix de la Pâtisserie de Paris”  to Quentin Lechat, pastry chef at the hotel Novotel des Halles ,1éme, for his cake in the shape of a pavement, soberly named “Noisette 3”. Its hazelnut pavement should be offered very soon on the menu of the “T’Time” restaurant of the Novotel Paris Les Halles, for a price of around 6.50 euros. Case to follow closely! . More info here in French:

The three-star chef Frédéric Anton at Pré Catelan will offer Jules Verne a high-flying, consensual but tasty cuisine.  The Jules Verne, a gourmet restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, reopens its doors this past Saturday evening, July 20, after several months of  renovations. In favor of a contemporary luminosity, a considerable project on a budget kept secret but which I imagine astronomical. It’s quite successful, in a taste of the period that spreads through luxury establishments all ending up looking a little alike. But, of course, the setting for which we climb to more than 120 meters above sea level is Paris, Paris!. More info here:

It is not a question of guinguette, but of… Crêperie!. Rosa Bonheur, known for inflaming Parisian evenings since the opening in 2008 of her first Camarguaise-inspired bar in Buttes-Chaumont, continues her conquest of the capital. After the guinguettes on the banks of the Seine, left bank (port of the Invalides) and to the west (Asnières), a fourth address has just been created in the Jardin des Tuileries!: Rosa Bonheur le Crêperie!. No barges, tapas or wood-fired pizzas this time, but galettes and crêpes!. But also sandwiches, salads, artisan ice creams and sweet crêpes to enjoy indoors or on the terrace, or to take away for the most in a hurry. Also worth noting: an opening from 8h30  every day all year round, a lounge area, a children’s area with games, practical services (wifi, charging station) and announced events. Rosa Bonheur  Le Crêperie shop. Jardin des Tuileries 1éme. Access through the grid in Place de la Concorde.  Open every day  all year round. In summer (until August 31), open from 8h30 to 23h. More info here:

And turning a bit into the arts in Paris!

Daniel Hourdé  exhibits at the Salpêtrière in Paris Until September 1st, the artist presents several sculptures in the heart of the Saint-Louis chapel of the Paris hospital 13éme. Architectural classicism and contemporary art meet there for a timeless break, at the gates of paradise. “Si près du Paradis », sculptures monumentales et installations  Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpêtrière. (so close to Paradise, monumental sculptures and installations) . St. Louis Chapel of the Salpêtrière. 47 bd de l’Hôpital  13éme. Until September 1, 2019. Open daily from 9h30  to 18h. Free admission. More info here: .

Until August 11, 2019 you can go and get excited at the new Summer Camp located on the Prairie du Triangle (triangle Prairie) on the Folie N7 (madness). Open to all, this small island full of good humor can accommodate the small and the largest. What’s on the agenda? Workshops, animations, and above all a true festive spirit. For example, on August 11, Fans de Comics will host an exchange. For athletes, go on August 3rd for a yoga class given by the Paris Yoga group . More info here:

And one of my favorites subjects, the castles of France. Here are two gems to visit!

Located near Amiens, Château de  Rambures has been owned by the same family since the 11C!. To visit Rambures is to travel back in time: from the Middle Ages with the guard room at the beginning of the 20C and the large living room through the Renaissance and the room of Henry IV where the sovereign stayed three times, not to mention the round road and the rich library of 2,500  ancient works. With its rose garden, arboretum, simple garden and woods, the park labelled “Remarkable Garden” of France, offers beautiful walks. Château de Rambures. 8  Rue du Château, Rambures (Somme dept 80, region of Hauts de France).  Tél.: 03 22 25 07 88. More info here :

Between Orleans and Chambord, the Château de Meung-sur-Loire sits in the heart of a 7-hectare park whose lime walkways and undergrowth offer a charming bucolic décor. Former residence of the bishops of Orleans, it was delivered by Joan of Arc from the hands of the English in 1429, before becoming a prison. Today, the passion and dynamism of the owner make this castle a lively and culturally exciting place. Demonstrations of fencing with musketeers, and of course do not miss the arrival of Joan of Arc, the icon of Orléans!  Château de Meung-sur-Loire. 16, Place du Martroi, Meung-sur-Loire ( Loiret dept 45 ) region of Centre-Val de Loire. Tél. +33 (0) 2 38 44 36 47.More info here :

And there you go another dandy in my belle France! Enjoy it , times are good really !! And remember, happy travels good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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