Some news from Bretagne, XXVII

Ok so I am back again on some news from Bretagne, Brittany, or Breizh! It’s about time put some news from my region in my series some news from…. Planning ahead is important in the No 1 most visited country in the world (90 million 2018 shooting for 100M in 2019!) since 1949 by the UN-WTO world tourism organisation. And Brittany is the 3rd most visited region in France behind ïle de France and PACA! There are a lot of top 10 everywhere but these are the official governments figures from themselves. And I know as worked in the industry in the USA and France!

Now in my neck of the woods right almost 13h or 1 pm we have 22C cloudy which is about 74F  and at Paris is sunny and clouds on and off at 23C or about 76F. No rain in sight and expecting up to 96F by next Tuesday. Good time for jogging and biking very popular here in my Brittany.

Now I have put together some of my favorite festivals in my region some coming up soon and others in 2020. However, these are very popular and you need to plan ahead and even buy your tickets ahead. They will provide you with a good base to get to know France and more importantly proud Brittany!  Here is my list

From the days of Conomor, Brittany’s own Bluebeard, through to the Crusades, via the Roman invasion,go back in time as you relive the history of the wonderful Cistercian abbey of Bon-Repos. This magical two-hour show will allow you to see the big picture with 2,000 costumes, 400 actors and extras, hundreds of chariots and carriages, horses, farm animals .From the Neolithic age to the French Revolution, eight epic sagas come to life in front of you. More info here:

Blavet Valley until September 15 2019.Each summer, contemporary art takes possession of some twenty or so chapels dotted around the Blavet Valley. These gems of Brittany’s rich heritage, well tucked away in the midst of the Breton countryside, offer visual artists the opportunity to create some very original site-specific work to exhibit in these chapels, most of which date back to the 15-16C.. More info here:

A journey to Nantes or Voyage à Nantes, an event that set the stage in town every summer since 2012. Forty historical and modern sites makeup the sensitive and poetic trail of the same genre. This permanent disperse monument can be traced by following the green line along the ground. It’s a summertime stopover where art tips the town upside down! Diversity and free admission to the vast number of its offerings are once again its strong points. More info here:

Crozon Peninsula 2-4 August 2019. Every August for the last ten years, the Festival du Bout du Monde has succeeded in attracting a truly cosmopolitan crowd. The music is remarkable and the location is fantastic too. Situated at the very heart of the Parc Naturel Régional d’Armorique, with stunning views of the Breton coastline for backdrop and in the shade of pretty little houses scattered amongst the grasslands of Landrevarzec, this music festival is a must for lovers of world music. More info here:

Paimpol 2-4 August 2019. Sailors singing festival.Well it happens in the port of Paimpol too! Every two years, throughout August, hundreds of traditional sailing ships call into Paimpol harbour, sea shanties sound out from the quays and international stars are also ready to climb aboard for this sea shanty festival. It’s amour at first sight in Côtes d’Armor, which rises to the occasion every time by raising anchor and setting a course for new horizons. From the Black Sea to the Baltic, the banks of the Nile to the Cape of Good Hope, this event has drawn in the crowds for the likes of Marianne Faithfull, Carlos Núñez, Touré Kunda and Goran Bregović. More info here: festival)

Lorient InterCeltique Festival 2-11 August 2019. Since 1971, this festival has really got it in the bag-ad, for every year it’s bombard-ed with over 700,000 visitors coming to listen to the Celtic sounds of the bombards and the bagad. Just like the Pied Piper, this inter-Celtic parade mesmerises the crowd, assembled here to celebrate an inter-Celtic night at the Moustoir stadium or in the fishing port, to the sound of the Scottish and Spanish bagpipes that fill the air. Around 200 events and shows and 5000 performers on the event. More info here:

Saint Malo in August 2019. Every year since 1991, party pirates partaking in the Route du Rock festival have opened wide their treasure troves to reveal some of the real gemstones of British rock. Since 1993, and the concert by a group of illustrious unknowns from Oxford, AKA Radiohead, the Route du Rock has gone from strength to strength and has become somewhat of a benchmark when it comes to British and American pop and rock. More info here:

Conncarneau in August 2019 and the blue fishing net festival. Some want to win a bout of Gouren, a type of Breton wrestling, while others hope to learn a few steps of a traditional Breton dance or try their hand at palets, which is ‘boules’ Breton-style. And of course they come to see the new Miss Filets Bleus, chosen among the wealth of pretty young girls from Concarneau. It’s hard to imagine that this vibrant festival has been around for over a hundred years! More info here:

The Brest International Martitime Festival. Every four years, some boats from all seas and oceans meet in Brest, for one of the major sailing events. It is the perfect opportunity to admire old and beautiful sailing boats, and even to board on some traditional yachts. It is the while to contemplate the maritime history in a festive and musical environment.  Among the special events in 2016 : the Hermione frigate, replica of La Fayette’s one, was there, along with Russian, Mexican, Dutch, English yachts. The next edition will be in July 2020, stay tune for it wonderful, more info here:

And to buy tickets in advance info here:

 20ème édition du Marathon, Duo de l’Hermine et Foulées du Golfe , October 20, 2019 The Vannes Marathon now has one of the most beautiful running circuits in the world thanks to its route which follows the coastal paths of the Gulf of Morbihan: the most beautiful bay in the world ! More info and tickets here:

At Dinan, July 18-19 2020. rt Every other year since 1983, the Ramparts Festival has taken over the pretty little town of Dinan for a weekend. Step back into medieval times and get carried away by the fun and friendly atmosphere. It’s a different world, full of smiling faces, where the people of Dinard dress up in period costumes and a whole range of events are laid on to make this biannual festival a success! More info here:

Fête de la Bretagne mid May 2020.See the 12th edition. More than 300 events will showcase Breton culture from the most traditional of customs to the latest youth trends as they embrace their Breton roots. Expect concerts, exhibitions, walks, traditional dance, street entertainment, workshops and markets. And of course, an introduction to Breton gastronomy is a given wherever you go! See the official site still with 2019 info but stay tune here:

At Vannes the Fête Historiques July 13-14 2020 . Every July, for three days, Vannes brings its rich history to life. Take a stroll in the rampart gardens or the streets of the old town, visit the blacksmith’s forge or the coin-makers’ workshop, admire the falconry displays and the artillery demonstrations, or just enjoy a taste of medieval cuisine. And the magic doesn’t end there, for as night falls you can join in the local open-air dance, or bal populaire, and be amazed as the fire-eaters take to the streets. But it’s also a great time to visit Vannes. With around 272 listed buildings, this town hides a wealth of history behind its ancient castle walls. We just finished the 2019 but stay tune for 2020 at the city of Vannes, the event is very popular plan ahead. More info for the 2019 here:

There you go , I hope it helps you in your planning and do come to enjoy beautiful Brittany. WE are loaded with visitors now and all welcome! or Degemer mat!!!

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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