Le Halles du Faouët!!!

And on my road warrior trips on weekends in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Brittany I take you again to a wonderful town about an hour from me that I have touched briefly before but needs more introduction. This is my best to showcase the Le Faouët!

le Faouet

Today, I will tell you about the covered market or Halles of Le Faouët. This is a wonderful place very old as you will read, and the center of life in the town even today. There are food market and flea markets held here regularly. It is an imposing building in city center.

le Faouet

The Halles of Faouët or market were built between the end of the 15C and the beginning of the 16C, north of the Place Plantée. They are 53 meters long and 19 meters wide, the halles cover an area of 940 m2 . Covered with a large roof resting on small granite columns, the building opens on each side by two imposing porticoes. They offer a magnificent example of old framework, impressive by their quality and their volume. The existence of the halles is attested from 1542. These are mentioned in an admission of the Lord of Faouët where it is said that they belonged to him from time immemorial. There was market every Wednesday, as well as nine annual fairs, then fourteen from the 17C. They constituted a substantial income for the lord of the place who collected various taxes. The most profitable was the so-called Grand Verge levied on paper , followed by the place des estaulx, the place de cuyr , the place de Laine; and the mareschaulx custom. The building will be purchased by the municipality in 1815 to the family of Argouges de Ranes while it is half in ruins and will be the subject of many subsequent restoration work. A clock chamber will be installed on the ridge, then replaced by a bell tower.

le Faouet

le Faouet

The Place des Halles were surrounded by pillar constructions allowing to go around without being wet which makes say to the Marquis De Robien in 1756 that the front of the houses supported by pillars surrounding the square form a porch pleasant to the view. The last pillared house of the halles, located rue du Château, were destroyed in the 1950s.

le Faouet

Today, the market is held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month or a 5th if the month has five wednesdays , but also do flea market or brocantes on special days. As said, the center of activities in the town of Le Faouët.

Some webpages as usual from me to help you plan your trip here and it is worth a detour are

City of Le Faouet on the market halles

Local tourist office of the pays du roi morvan on the Halles

Tourist office of the Morbihan dept 56 on the Halles

A wonderful outing, we have been there on flea market day and it is wonderful ambiance. Today was a quiet day but allow us to see up close the inside construction of the Halles of Faouët! Worth the detour I say.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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  1. Impressive building and history, and who doesn’t love a French market?

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