Restaurants of Mexico!!!

Ok so even if have written on many in my trips to pretty Mexico in previous posts, I like to highlight some of the memorable moments there going to eat out. Food is very important there and one of the best in the world, and I have enjoyed it all the time. Lucky to been able to visit often in the last 20 years and last on oct 2018.

Do not know when life instances will take me back to the land of the Aztecs but the memories will lingered forever. Not only good friends but family too there. Now for the souvenirs of my visits here are the nostalgics restaurants I visited in Mexico lindo y querido!

I will start with the Bistro 77 at Calle Samartin 77, Tepatitlan de Morelos, Jalisco State about 70 km from the  state capital Guadalajara on the M80 road.

I was introduced to this wonderful spot  by local friends on a business trip that was memorable for the good food and good friendship that have lasted and will continue. At this this little restaurant in an old home I had wonderful Pulpo(octopus)  beers and pizzas with Mexican hot chili, great TV screens and wonderful friendly service. Its situated in the heart of the town, just one block up from the main plaza.  It has been made into a restaurant, a former old house. No much done to the building itself.. The food is simple, but delicious, pizzas, sandwiches and traditional Mexican additions. Great selection of beers and some wines.

More info on Bistro 77 here: Official Bistro 77 restaurant

Official Tepatitlan de Morelos on restaurants and Bistro 77

Tepatitlan de morelos

While repeating at this wonderful town of Tepatitlan de Morelos , I was introduce to the restaurant Don Kamaron.  The sport TV all over, the friendly service, good food, good company was all it took; I came back always to eat here!!! It is at Dr. J. Ricardo Alcala Iñiguez 284, Alameda. Tepatitlán de Morelos Telephone +52 378 715 5140 .

The kitchen and service in this restaurant is very nicel. There is Mexican food, fish dishes and traditional style The food was delicious and we were able to taste many seafood platters. One of their dishes, camarones endiablada or sort of devilish shrimps was very spicy and very hot! Be careful but very good!. With all its desserts and strong spirits, beer, etc. The food was quite affordable. We will then visit Don K no doubt next time we go to Tepatitlan.

More info on Yelp on Don K restoYelp reviews on Don K restaurant in Tepatitlan

tepatitlan de morelos

Going down to Quintana Roo had lunch as well in Las Tortugas resto in Calderitas just next to Bacalar, along the Bay of Chetumal, wonderful fresh fried fish, fries, sweet bananas, yellow rice, and beers Modelo Especial, nice.

I was really comfortable and ate very goood here, before the dishes arrived , I was toasted a snack that included the region’s specialty black beans with totopos and a ceviche, as attractive is one sitting by the sea with its incredible view by its colors, highly recommended.

More info here:


Back in the capital city of Mexico DF , I had gone to the Wing’s Army bar on Insurgentes Sur to see the football/soccer matches, with always a great ambiance ;nice and plenty of good Miller High Life beers by the liter which have been a long time not drank again, this was neat and the Army hamburger was great with good company ;I later came back in the week and it was equally as good. Therefore is my stop for a sport game and beers while in DF.


This is a chain all over Mexico, the official webpage is here: Official Wing’s Army Mexico

Yelp reviews on the Wing’s Army on insurgentes sur



El Paisa, is a more rustic restaurant in a working class area with a nice second floor terrace, a very nice welcome with lots of Mexicans families there; nice ambiance and great conversation with many. The area is nice around a corner, and serve in the terrace in the back upper level. One of the places to go when you know the area and want to get away from tourists. Here we had more goodies of the Mexican cuisine such as the alambre with meat and cheese melted sort like a pizza but chewy and yummy, Pacifico beers and coffee expresso, first we had some chicharones and all good.

The place is typical of the basic restaurant and the food is simple and awesome. You can also order Tepache, a fermented drink made with pineapple peels and zest. Actually very good. All in all, the food was excellent and I would recommend anyone to go there to try the real local food.  More info here: Yelp reviews on El Paisa of Mexico DF


Puerto Làpice, here it was the filete tampiqueño (Tampico) real beef that was the plate with Mexican wine Chateau Domecq. It’s a place where some old Spanish dishes can be had as well. Located at Poniente 128 647 ,Azcapotzalco, corner of Norte 45 ,in a working class area near the Vallejos industrial park.

Whether for a business lunch, with couples, friends or family, the Puerto Lápice restaurant presents in its menu the most traditional dishes of Spain, all, seeking to satisfy the desire for tasty food at a good cost and in an area where   you’ll not find a lot of quality restaurants. More info here: Chilango review site on Puerto Lapice



This is a meat heavens place in Mexico city for a change. Cambalache, an Argentine jewel small but all kinds of cuts beef that is, at Insurgentes Sur 1384. If you’re looking for meat, and good meat, Cambalache is your place.

Cambalecbe is a private chain more info here! Official Cambaleche restaurant on Insurgentes Sur

Yelp reviews on Chambaleche resto on Insurgentes sur


And last but not least, I need to tell you about a special experience in Zona Rosa a populat vibrant area that I have stayed most of the times in Mexico city. I had repeated good experiences at the steakhouse Angus Butcher House, Copenhage 31 , steaks are big, beers are cold, and the ladies are all beautiful !


The Angus restaurant was founded at Zona Rosa in February 1977. This restaurant provides an innovative option for Mexico. They are the pioneers in the introduction of beef imported from U.S.D.A. Choice and Certified ANGUS ® Beef on demand. Moreover, they were the pioneers in introducing the concept of Hostess in Mexico, which is about a host or waitress, usually good looking women, who will assist diners from the beginning to the end of the evening.   The restaurant design is based on the culture of New Mexico, with details and paintings by the most prominent artists of American West Art. More info here: Official Angus restaurant on Zona Rosa

Yelp reviews on Angus Butcher Restaurant Zona Rosa


And there you go another round of wonderful times, friends galore, and great food in pretty Mexico. You will do well to visit these in your next trip in the country. Hope you enjoyed the post and buen provecho!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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